Why you should treat yourself to a day at the spa

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Having a spa day isn’t just for celebrities or professional athletes, it can benefit all of us. If you feel like enjoying a spa but are having difficulty justifying the expense to yourself, we are here to help.

A spa day isn’t just a luxury, it can have far-reaching benefits to every aspect of your life. Here are just a few reasons why a day at the spa is an investment and not a cost.

We all deserve some downtime

Our lives are now lived faster than ever. We are more stressed, more rushed and feel more pressured than at any time before. So why do we not deserve to take time out? We all need time to just relax, unwind and not think about the ever-growing list of tasks for the day.

A spa can help you sleep

Sleep is all about quality and not quantity. There is no point sleeping more if you wake up more tired than you went to bed. Relaxation and de-stressing help you sleep better. A relaxing massage, sauna, or just taking the time to decompress can seriously improve the quality of your sleep.

Elevate your mood

Stress takes its toll on our emotions which can affect our mood. A day at the spa, being looked after and leaving the world behind for a while can change all that. A good pampering can increase feelings of self-worth, banish stress and even help combat depression. All good things in our book!

Glowing skin

Having nice skin helps us psychologically as well as physiologically. If we look good, we feel good, so having a day at the spa, a facial and some treatments is also an investment in our skin. There’s nothing like the look of freshly treated, fresh glowing skin to make you feel good!

Time with friends

Spending time socialising is very important to us as a species as well as individuals. Humans are social animals, so spending some quality time with friends can help our mood, state of mind, social standing and so much more. Plus, problems shared are problems halved and time spent with friends is not time wasted.

Blood and muscles

Finally, a day at the spa with some sauna action or heat therapy is known to dilate blood vessels which help deliver nutrients and oxygen to where they are needed. It also lowers blood pressure which has obvious medical benefits. Pro athletes regularly visit the spa to help relax tired muscles. A good massage or just spending time relaxing or in the heat is very beneficial to recovery after exercise or a hard day at work.

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