Top 10 children’s birthday party ideas

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A birthday is an important milestone for any child, even those that don’t end in a zero or signal the entry into teenage years. Every single year is a significant step forward in the eyes of your child and deserves to be celebrated the energy and enthusiasm they expect. If you are looking for birthday party ideas, we can help.

We have collected the top ten children’s birthday party ideas from around the world and put them here in one place. Use them as you see fit!

Movie or toy theme

Depending on what the latest movie or toy release may be, theming a party around it will rock their world. Listen to what your children are talking about, what films, what the latest ‘must have’ toy is and integrate it into a party theme.

Tea party

Young ladies like to do lunch almost as much as mothers do. Holding a sophisticated tea party with party cakes, tea, juices, sandwiches and all the trimmings can not only make your child feel all grown up, it will make her popular with friends too!

Mardi Gras or carnival

We all love to dress up in something colourful and dance. A Mardi Gras or carnival birthday party theme is the perfect excuse to dress up in sparkles, feathers and masks. It can be relatively cheap to set up too.

Messy party

If you don’t mind a room being covered in paint, goo or whatever, a messy party is ideal for younger kids. Painting, cake decorating, or food fighting are just the beginning. The messier the better, just choose your products carefully!

Spa theme party

Another one for the girls. A spa birthday party theme can be a lot of fun. Think facials, nail painting, makeup lessons and afternoon tea. You could even let the girls create their own facials from some specially selected ingredients.


Every child loves a sleepover and they are so easy to arrange. Set aside a room, cover the floor with cushions or mattresses, set up a TV, buy some popcorn, plenty of juice and sweet treats and let your kids amuse themselves while watching a movie or playing party games.

Superhero party

Every little boy wants to have super powers so building a birthday party idea around superheroes is sure to be a winner. Choose your child’s favourite superhero and plan accordingly. There are hundreds of themed products to buy and make.

Beach or pool party

We live on an island, so the beach or a pool should be a simple thing to arrange. Plan a few water-based games such as water polo or water volleyball, serve cold fruit cocktails, hold a limbo competition or whatever. We all like to be beside the seaside!

Pirate party

Pirates are always a popular theme among little boys and can be a lot of fun. As birthday party ideas go, this is one of the most popular. Bury some treasure for a treasure hunt, serve drinks from tankards, provide eye patches and let the kids eat with their hands to get the party started.

Cooking party

If your kitchen is big enough, why not teach your child to cook? It could be cupcakes, their favourite meal or something fun. It can get messy, the kids have fun while learning and it’s easy to arrange. What more do you need for a birthday party idea?

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