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Things every woman should have in her wardrobe

by Yellow 677 Days

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The versatile flats

Flats are a must have in your wardrobe, since they are the ideal friend for the busy women out there with the packed schedule. These compact little shoes suit any lifestyle while proving to be comfortable and compact. Make sure to keep a pair in your bag if you intend to wear heels over the evening!

The sleek black pants

Even if pants aren't your thing, the sleek look these pants offer is a must-have. These pants can work all year round and add a sophisticated look to your style in an effortless manner.


The fitting blazer

Blazers are your new best friend. Why? Apart from looking absolutely stunning over EVERYTHING, blazers have the ability to turn the most casual of outfits in the more elegant of looks. So if you're going to be out and about during the day, and planning to head over to the theatre in the evening, make sure to have a blazer, it will help transform from casual to 


The fancy leather handbag

Whereas men can fit all their gadgets in their 
never ending pockets, we women tend to need to carry a bag wherever we go to hold all of our essentials – and, usually, our partner's things too. Leather handbags have the ability to match with every outfit without requiring too much styling effort.


The denim jeans

These are an 
all time favourite. The same pair of jeans can be styled to look casual and effortless or fancy and chique just by swapping shoes or shirts. Apart from being versatile, jeans are comfortable and allow room for movement.


The classic leather jacket

During the period of transitioning from the cold mornings to the warm summer days, layering is essential! Plain as it may look; the styling options for this jacket are 
never ending. This option is light-weight and yet warm enough to keep the cold at bay during windy evenings.

The little black dress

When we think of the colour black, we think of simple, elegant, timeless... And isn't that what we all wish to be? The little black dress is classic and affordable while offering comfort and style. These dresses can be dressed up or down with accessories to suit any event you have ahead of you for the day.

The stylish pencil skirt

These skirts may not be the most comfortable due to their tightness but they are capable of offering an element of formality and style to any outfit. These skirts are also guaranteed to make every woman feel confident in them.

The neck hugging sweater

Sweaters are warm, of course, but they're also particularly helpful for layering. Sweaters help add texture to plain outfits. These clothing pieces go along with everything from pants to skirts. Cropped sweaters, especially, work wonders over dresses.

The smooth silk scarf

These scarves are everyday staples and are little ways of adding a pop of colour and texture to an outfit. Scarves make good substitutes for jewellery when in a hurry.

The classy black heel

Apart from making your calves look fabulous, heels are helpful for giving you an illusion of height, ladies. Wearing heels will give you a completely different posture, therefore, give your outfit a totally different look. It doesn't matter if you're on the taller side, if you feel confident in heels, just go for it! Of course, heels embody the phrase "Beauty is pain” but sometimes the pain is worth it for the confidence you get out of it.

The elegant suit

A suit is an essential in everyone's wardrobe. It doesn't take a man to pull off wearing a suit! This fashion statement is suitable for job interviews and meetings but can be effective in any formal situation if backed up with the right attitude.

The flawless white button up

The white 
button up is a multifunctional, simple, staple piece. It can be worn all year round for all occasions. You can make it effortless by rolling up the sleeves and pairing it with jeans or you can opt to style it up by wearing a pencil skirt along with it. Whatever your vision is, this shirt will deliver.

The effortless slip-on

Slip-on take sneakers a step further. In addition to being comfortable enough to walk miles in, slip-on also 
offer a level of style that sneakers usually don't. Although these shoes were initially perceived as segregated to the casual looks, celebrities have proved their ability to be compatible with dresses.

The standard white tee

The classic white tee is found in pretty much every wardrobe around the globe. There's nothing more versatile than such a thing. Whether you decide to layer it by adding a jumper to it or let it hang free over a pair of denim jeans, this tee is guaranteed to provide a girl-next-door type of vibe.

The casual cardigan

Given Malta's unpredictable weather, a cardigan is a must at all times. Your workspace is probably equipped with air conditions so taking one to work with you would be a good idea to guarantee your comfort during office hours. Also, during the BBQ season, a cardigan will save you when temperatures drop at night. Essentially this staple piece of clothing will prove to be a lifesaver!

The handy strapless bra

Whether you're wearing a halter top or a strapless dress, we cannot allow those bra straps to ruin your outfit now can we? A nude strapless bra is an icon that suits every outfit and may prove to be a lifesaver especially during the wedding season. Most strapless bras come along with attachable straps which make them all the more versatile.

The suiting sunglasses

One thing to keep in mind is that what sunglasses you buy depends on the shape of your face. When you have found the perfect pair, it will prove to be a blessing. Apart from protecting your eyes from the scorching sun, sunglasses are a great 
fashionable accessory that you need to own.

The form-fitting tights

A great pair of tights can help you look slimmer while making it possible for you to wear the dresses you've always felt were too short to wear. Tights can also help you get away with lighter skirts and dresses during the winter season while keeping you warm and cosy. Beware of getting attached, though, no tights are here to stay, we are afraid.

The 90s denim jacket

Not only are jean jackets practical but they're also highly versatile and are guaranteed to suit all of your outfits. Pick a lighter colour for a more casual look and a darker one to suit special occasions. Whichever you opt for at the end of the day, you're guaranteed to achieve; the ultimate retro-style.

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