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The unspoken rules of layering clothes

by Yellow 633 Days

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The weather at the moment is as crazy as it comes. At this point, you're not even sure if the liquid on your forehead is sweat from the heat or the inconsistent rain wetting you. Every morning you're faced with the same issue, figuring out whether to dress heavy and risk emitting odors from your armpit all day or to dress light and face a serious case of goosebump-itis.
No more of the morning hassle, though, we're here to teach you all the tricks of the trade when it comes to layering clothes.

Ditch the coats

The primary mistake people make is to associate layering solely to coats. In reality, you've got an enviable choice when it comes to layering. Among many staples of clothing, there's hosiery, sweaters, scarves... So go crazy, take your pick.

First things first

The first step to layering is to start off with the thinnest layer and finishing off with the thickest one. Failing to do so will make the outfit look off and feel uncomfortable.

Complementing is key

Whatever you do, pay attention to the patterns and colours you pair together! You don't want to pair clashing colours or unsuiting patterns together or else everything will look completely off.

Don't bulk up

What most people tend to do is to over-layer causing the outfit to look bulky and messy. People end up giving their body a square shape, making the look of the outfit simply unattractive. In order to avoid this, tuck in your first layer of shirts, wear sleeveless turtlenecks or tie a belt over your layers to create some sort of shape.  

Comfort is essential

Whatever you do, make sure you're comfortable. Don't wear so many layers you end up restricting your range of movements. You want to be able to cross your arms and legs, or else the outfit is not ergonomic enough.

Now that you're equipped and ready, make sure to send up pictures of your best layering formula or share your secrets for the perfect layering with us!

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