4 reasons why you should start your resolutions early

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A new year often means; new goals, ambitions, resolutions. People write a to-do list, gyms receive loads of membership requests, trips are planned, and everyone tries to be a better version of themselves. As positive as that may be, waiting for the new year to come knocking at your door to start your resolutions can be quite a lazy thing to do. Why postpone the start when you can be your best, now?

If you are one of those people who waits for a Monday to start a diet, or keeps postponing their goals to the new year, here are 4 reasons why you should start your resolutions early.

Don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do today

Tomorrow is a magical world where our productivity, promises and achievements are stored. The first step towards stopping procrastination is to start right away. Realistically speaking, if you keep telling yourself that you’ll start tomorrow, tomorrow will never really come. Do you want to take a course? Start researching about it. Do you wish to lose a couple of pounds? Prepare a healthy meal plan. Do you want to make it a point to spend more time with your family? Pick up the phone and call your loved ones.

It takes three weeks to form a new habit

If you had to start your resolutions early, you’d be turning your once unreachable goals into a habit by the beginning of the new year. Most of us believe that it is quite easy to write new year’s resolutions and stick to them, but truth is that; to actually achieve a goal or adopt a new lifestyle, requires effort and time. For instance, if you wish to start your day earlier so as to be able to do some stretching, you have to make sure to wake up every day at the same time and stretch. After 21 days, what initially was a struggle turns into a habit, and becomes part of your routine. Trust us, starting your resolutions earlier will motivate you to be your better self in the new year.

No stress, you’ve got thirteen months!

The beauty about starting your resolutions early is that you don’t need to face the stress of announcing to the world ‘new year, new me’. Therefore, by starting your resolutions ahead of time, you avoid having to prove to everyone that you are actually keeping your promise. Starting earlier also gives you more time to achieve your goals, at your own pace.

You’ll be more focused

With the new year, new commitments will come your way. January is often a busy month because people want to meet up for the post-celebratory catch-ups, work tends to pile up, children are back to school, and exam period is right around the corner. Starting your resolutions earlier will allow you to be in the right state of mind and ready to face the challenges. We know that starting your resolutions in December can be challenging, because of the family gatherings over the Christmas holidays – but the determination to stay focused and committed will be very rewarding.

Are you ready to start your resolutions earlier? If so, here’s a list of the most popular resolutions, to get you started:

  1. Losing weight (check out the fitness clubs listed on Yellow)
  2. Adopting a healthier lifestyle (did you know that there are 49 Health Stores listed on Yellow?)
  3. Taking your dream trip (go on, pick a travel agency and book!)
  4. Save money (If you are planning on opening a saving account, here’s the lists of banks available in Malta)
  5. Help others (there are 86 voluntary organisations to choose from on Yellow)

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