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One-pot lunch ideas

by Yellow 653 Days

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Who has time to make lunch in the morning? Whether you're looking for lunch ideas for school, work or a picnic, here are some one-pot recipes you can prepare ahead of time in order to save yourself effort and dishes to wash!


This dish has got to be the go to recipe for students who want to add some spice to their palette. If you're not too fond of making your own homemade soup, you can always opt for a canned alternative.



Hola amigos! How about you add some Mexican twist to your menu? Opt to stuff a quesadilla over a sandwich in order to switch it up. What you fill it up or top it with is up to your personal taste.



But if you're feeling up to some familiarity, opt for a traditional sandwich. Switch up the bread or the filling to incorporate a new taste in your daily routine.



Apart from adding some colour to your plate, opting for a salad is also a healthy alternative. Mix up the protein and choice of vegetable to keep the selection appetizing!


Pasta salad

Carb up to keep your energy levels high. Prepare your pasta the night before and let it cool in order to please your taste buds with a tasty pasta salad.


Muffin quiche

For some European flavors, incorporate some quiche in your menu. Of course we understand that cooking a whole quiche may be time consuming and taking a slice with you to work may get messy so opt for cooking in a muffin pan instead. Aren't these little quiches simply too cute to resist biting into?


Tortilla pizza

Pizza isn't the healthiest but sometimes we just need to treat ourselves, especially during a long, busy day. Opt for a tortilla pizza instead. All you have to do is substitute the traditional pizza dough with a tortilla and top it up with your favorite ingredients. A few minutes on a pan will achieve the perfect results.



Choose to wrap up your favorite fillings in a wrap for lunch. If you want to go down a healthier route, opt for a lettuce or rice wrap instead!


Savory waffles

Brunch sounds beautiful doesn't it? So do savory waffles. Take your waffles to work with you and top them with sour cream, salmon or chives. Or opt to go down the bacon route instead! The possibilities are endless.


Burrito bowl

We might not have Chipotle in Malta but you can easily recreate the same recipes at home. Just fill a bowl with all your favorite food and top it up with some cheese and sauce in order to guarantee the perfect result!


These recipes are just tasty, aren't they? Let us know how your endeavors in the kitchen go and send in your favorite lunch recipes to inspire fellow foodies!

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