Last minute Valentine’s Day presents

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Valentine’s Day is round the corner, and so the last minute shopping for our better half begins. Don’t stress yourself because you don’t know what to get them yet, or because you simply forgot about it, we’ve got you covered with this seven last minute gifts ideas.

Chocolates and card

Possibly one of the most affordable and classic yet effective gifts to give on Valentine’s day. What better way than to say ‘I love you’ than with a box of goodies your loved ones like and a well-written card?

Give them a soft toy

Soft toys are the sweetest and simplest way to show your love to someone. It brings you back in time to the secondary years and are gifts that can last forever. Find one that represents their favourite animal, or something which has a meaning behind like an inside joke between the two.

Surprise dinner

Surprise them with a dinner at the restaurant they love going to or lit up a few candles in the house and have their favourite dish delivered. Sometimes all you truly need is enjoy each other’s company and have a good time together.

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Pick a jewellery

If you want something fancier and truly wish to impress your loved one, why not give them a jewellery? Keep in mind, this does not mean you need to go and spend your whole pay on a gold bracelet, you can simply present them with something which is affordable and believe you will like them.

BONUS points: Get them that one thing they’ve been hinting at for ages if you remember what that is.

Treat them to the SPA

No one will ever say no to a relaxing massage or a day in an indoor pool with jacuzzi. Treat your loved one, and yourself, to some quality time together while getting pampered.

Get crafty

Giving something which is home made could mean to someone much more than any other expensive gift. Whether it’s cooking their favourite meal, or print a collage of all your pictures together, the effort that was put into making the gift is what counts.

Vouchers from their favourite stores

If you are unsure on what to choose from their favourite shop, get them a voucher – they will be able to pick something they really like and, therefore, appreciate the gift more. Although a voucher may seem like the easy way out, it’s always appreciated and useful to receive one.

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