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How to plan the perfect surprise party

by Yellow 917 Days

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As long as the recipient of the party likes surprises, a surprise party is the one gift that is sure to go down a storm. If you know someone who has everything, there is no better present than getting everyone they know and love into the same place at the same time for a celebration. With that in mind, we have put together this quick guide into planning the perfect surprise party. We hope it helps!

Surprise party planning

The planning phase of any operation is usually the most 
time consuming. This is an operation by the way. To plan and execute a surprise party, to gather everyone in one place, to keep it secret and to arrange all those little things that make a surprise party perfect is just like planning a military operation!
So, to the plan. You should begin with selecting the venue and the guest list. Do this as early as possible so you can book the venue if necessary and give everyone enough time to make plans to attend. Make sure everyone involved knows it's a surprise party and swear everyone to secrecy.
Remember to put the guest of honour at the centre of all your plans. Consider who they like, who they love, what they like, what food they love, what drinks they prefer, whether they like particular types of party and anything else particular about the person. You know them best so plan everything accordingly.
You will also need to book the guest of honour. Tell them you want dinner or drinks or something and be as nonchalant as possible so they don't get suspicious.
Next, consider a theme, party equipment, drinks and catering. If you're using a venue, they can take care of a lot of that for you. If you're planning the surprise party at home, you will need to get equipped as early as possible. You know the guest of honour, so you can decide whether a theme, entertainment or particular style of drink will be appropriate. Then prepare accordingly.

Final surprise party preparations

Check with everyone the day before the party to make sure you have no last minute hiccups. Tell everyone to park elsewhere if they are driving and to hide or stay in the party room until you bring in the guest of honour. Remind that guest of honour that you're meeting them too so they don't forget.
Decorate the room if appropriate or otherwise prepare it for the party. Get as much done in advance as you can to save any last minute hiccups or stress. If you're hiring caterers, double check with the caterer that everything is on track. Check you have enough glasses, napkins, drinks, snacks, music, entertainment and everything else needed to host a party.
Finally, take a minute to relax and calm down before meeting the guest of honour. You want them to have the perfect surprise party, so get yourself together before meeting them. After that it's just a case of getting them to the venue and the big reveal before the fun begins!

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