Five fantastic DIY gift ideas for Father’s Day

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Want to show your appreciation on Father’s Day but don’t have much cash? Looking for ideas you can make yourself for a truly personal present? We can help!

We are big fans of personalised gifts. In this age of internet-everything, where gift-giving can be just a case of browsing a website and waiting for delivery, there is something quite personal and affectionate about putting time aside and making something. With that in mind, here are some simple but very effective DIY gift ideas for Father’s Day.

A close shave

Unless your father has a beard, he is going to need shaving cream. If that shaving cream is organic, contains good quality ingredients, looks after the skin and gets the job done, all the better. If that shaving cream has been crafted by his very own family, what’s not to love? Try this simple recipe for homemade shaving cream.

Music to his ears

If your father is an audiophile and still likes to tell you how those scratchy vinyl records are much better than those new CDs, this is the gift for him. A homemade vinyl record clock. It uses an album and a clock mechanism and delivers an attractive piece of wall art for the music lover. Try this vinyl record clock for Father’s Day.

Not so ugly mug

If your father has used the same chipped coffee mug since before you were born, maybe it’s time for a new one. Whether for work or for home, a personalised mug made especially for him is a good gift. Not like those cheesy ones with staged pictures of the family, or the pet dog, though. A professional looking watercolour coffee mug that looks great and will remind him of you every time he takes a sip. Here’s how to make one.

Give him the edge

A man’s kitchen can never have too many knives and this driftwood knife rack helps keep everything in order. Driftwood is both plentiful and beautiful around the island so finding a good, flat piece should be no problem. Rather than using it for firewood, it could be put to good use for Father’s Day.
Despite being from an American website, this knife rack is actually pretty good. Just change imperial measurements for good old metric and you’re all good. Here’s how to build a driftwood knife rack.

Une photo publiée par Paul Bishop (@driftedge) le

Rub it in

With barbeque and outdoor eating such a large part of our lives, why not make a few rubs and dress them up as gifts? They are cheap, simple to make and are very effective. Plus, you will get to taste the fruits of your labour too! These barbeque rub recipes are pretty good but you can tailor them to your, or your father’s taste quite easily. Begin here and build them as you see fit.

Nothing says ‘I love you Dad’ without getting too emotional like these DIY gift ideas for Father’s Day. Try one and let us know how you get on!

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