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Five helpful car cleaning tips from the pros

by Yellow 829 Days

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If your car always looks dirty even after you clean it, you're not alone. Millions of car owners across the world would love to have a cleaner, nicer looking car. Giving your pride and joy that showroom look takes time and effort, but once you're finished you not only get the satisfaction of a new-looking car, you also have the satisfaction of a job done well.
We asked car detailing professionals from across the world for their top car cleaning tips to help you do just that. This is what they said.

Hand wash is the best wash

The most popular car cleaning tip we received was to hand wash your bodywork. Those drive through places might be convenient but they don't give the kind of finish a good hand wash will. It also encourages an eye for detail and allows you to concentrate on areas that need it most. Use a specific car wash solution as dishwashing liquid can strip protective layers and wax off the bodywork. Losing that wax layer means your car gets dirtier faster.

Back in black

Keeping your tyres clean makes quite the difference to how your car looks, so spending five minutes cleaning them pays off. Use a non-acid solution, preferably not dishwashing liquid as that can wear alloy. There are lots of 
wheel and tyre cleaning products on the market so choose carefully.
Clean the tyres before waxing the car in case of splashing.

Wax on wax off

It takes time and effort but a coat of wax not only makes your car shiny for longer, it also adds a protective layer to protect the paintwork. Use a good quality car wax, take your time and use the appropriate amount of wax. If you have the time, do two passes with the wax to make sure you don't miss anything.
Wax is sacrificial, meaning anything that would damage the paintwork will damage the wax instead. That's just one reason why it is so important.

Nice glass

Clean the glass last as it will have been contaminated by washing and waxing. Use a product that doesn't contain ammonia, especially when cleaning inside because it can smell. Use clean water with a little product and a clean microfiber cloth. Clean both the inside and outside of the glass ensuring you get the entire expanse of glass.
Use the back of your hand with the cloth to get into those hard to reach areas.

Polish it off

Finally, you can use an oscillating buffer machine or attachment for 
mains-powered drill to really make the car shine. Be careful not to be too heavy-handed otherwise you'll strip off the wax and maybe even the paint. Begin gently and gradually add pressure until you hit the sweet spot.
Use a quality clay or polish until you can see your reflection in the bodywork.

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