TV fashion staples that have made a comeback since the 90s

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Denim,overalls, chokers, – all fashion staples that have made a comeback since the 90s. It’s time to launch a throwback blog post your way and introduce you to some of our favourite looks from our teenage years!

1. Full House – Uncle Jesse’s flannel

Uncle Jesse? More like Uncle Heartthrob. John Stamos rocked the flannel although not his usual look. These warm staples sure made a breakthrough once again in today’s fashion.

2. Saved by the Bell – Kapowski’s crop tops

Kapowski; the queen bee of Bayside High School – iconised the crop tops we love so much nowadays. Then again, she could get anything to look chique.

3. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air – Ashley’s high-waisted boyfriend jeans

If you’ve ever watched The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, then you have surely seen Ashley Banks’ look evolve before our very eyes. Although her white dress in season 1 made our hearts melt, we most definitely think those high-waisted jeans were the right choice for her!

4. Sabrina the Teenage Witch – Sabrina’s chokers

Sabrina wore chokers like there was no tomorrow. Whether it she was wearing a strapless dress or a casual tee, Sabrina’s choker worked its magic – no pun intended.

5. Friends – Rachel’s overalls

If there’s one person who can make overalls look fashionable rather than lazy, that’s Jennifer Aniston. This 90’s fashion essential made its way to the charts again not so long ago.

6. Boy Meets World – Topanga’s denim jacket

There’s a little bit of Topanga in all of us. If it’s not the personality that we share, it’s most definitely our love for denim jackets.

Let us hear some from the 90s kids in the house! A throwback has never been so sweet. Share your favourite 90s tv show with us in the comment section!

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