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Everything you need to know about planning an engagement party

by Yellow 820 Days

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Engagements parties are great fun. An excuse to get friends, family and acquaintances together and celebrate impending nuptials. The perfect reason to get dressed up, buy a new outfit and spend time with those you love. So what do you need to know about planning an engagement party?

If you haven't planned an engagement party before, it can be quite daunting. That's why we put together this guide, so you can get some much-needed practice in time for the wedding planning itself. So here is the when, where, how and 
who of engagement party planning.


The traditional time to hold an engagement party is around the same time as the big announcement. This isn't always possible, so 
as close to that time as possible will be good. A lot depends on where your family lives, how quickly they can take time off or travel to the venue and how available the venue itself is.
Typically, an engagement party is held on a Friday or Saturday evening. It is the most practical time where the majority of guests won't have to work and have the time to travel and/or prepare for the event.
There is also the question of how formal or extravagant the engagement party will be. The more there is to plan, the longer it will take to plan it. If you're after a low key engagement party at home with family and friends, it can be put together quite quickly. A more formal arrangement with venue, caterers and all the trappings will take longer.


The how of planning an engagement party is relatively simple. Find a venue, set a date, send out the invitations, prepare the food and drink. Much depends on the style of the proposal. Sometimes a fiancée might plan a surprise party in order to propose. Sometimes you will both plan a party to announce the engagement. Other times you will organise something after the proposal.


Some couples like family oriented events held at home with close friends. Others prefer a huge event with everyone they know, the entire village, neighbours and whoever passes by. It's your engagement party, your choice.
If you need to book a venue, do it quickly as you will stand a much better chance of getting the date you want. As soon as you have a date, send out invitations so guests have enough time to make arrangements.


Tackling the question of who to invite to an engagement party and the wedding itself will either be super-simple or cause sleepless nights. There never seems to be
an in-between. Typically, those whom you invite to your engagement party will also attend the wedding. This would be family and close friends but can also include colleagues, neighbours and anyone you have room for.
There are no hard and fast rules about the guest list. Invite your family, friends and anyone else you want to share the good news with. It's your engagement party after all!

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