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8 study tips to ace your exams

by Yellow 555 Days

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It's ‘New year, New me', right? Well, at least we try. Unfortunately being a student, the year doesn't kick off on the best of notes, as you're faced with your January exams. Upcoming exams can be a daunting thought throughout the month. Are you feeling like you should start off the year by being motivated to get those good grades? We've got some tips for you to try out.

Set goals

It has been found that setting goals 
is a great motivational strategy to employ when feeling swamped in endless work. Being realistic with your goals will help you achieve them more easily, therefore, you will feel more proud of yourself and stay motivated!

Draw up a study plan

Time ticks away quickly, especially during the exam period. The key to not leaving everything to the last minute is to think ahead and write up an effective study plan. Not only will this help you keep organised but it will also maximise the time you have. Study plans will also help you eliminate the anxiety of leaving something out during one of your nocturnal cramming session.

Take study breaks

It's pointless staring at books and notes on end without having any breaks here and there, your brain will grow tired and will refuse to intake any new information. You need to rest in order to keep your concentration at an optimum level to study effectively. Your breaks could consist of taking a short work, a quick trip to the gym, having a chat with a friend or even just fixing up yourself something to eat or drink. Anything to get you away from your desk.


Of course, nothing beats the good old pen and paper notes, however, technology has become a great tool in aiding in studies. Blogs, videos, and mobile apps can be a life saviour. Learning has become more fluid than ever and very 

Test yourself

How many times have we walked into an examination room and totally forgotten everything we crammed the night before as soon as we're handed the examination paper? It happens to the best of us. The solution is to mentally prepare yourself for the pressure that you will feel in the room. Testing yourself regularly with 
quizzes, will ensure that you remember those key facts that are essential for your exam.

Stay positive

Positivity is a key factor when it comes to the level of studying that you get done and how effective it is. If you keep on saying that you cannot do it, then your attempt at studying will be even harder. Instead, focus on positive aspects on how you can achieve your goals, that way you will feel less anxious.

Study buddies

At this point in time,  you know who the people you work with best are. Sharing study notes with your study buddies is always a good idea because your friends might have picked up on something which didn't occur to you before. There's nothing better than being in it together!

Study routine

Find a quiet place to study and with few distractions. You could also try switching it up at times by going into a library or a study hall. Find what works best for you. There really aren't any rules on how to go about studying. Everybody is different, but the best way to establish the perfect routine for you is to test out the waters and see what is best for you personally.

We hope these study tips have aided you and wish you the best of luck in your upcoming examinations! If you need any private tuition, why not check out one of the
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