Six sensational hen party ideas for you to try

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With summer on the way, it will soon be wedding season once again. If your best friend is getting married this year, you’re likely to be ‘lucky’ enough to be responsible for the hen party. Such an important event deserves the very best you can come up with. To help with that, we asked the team here, our friends and anyone who would answer for their best hen part ideas.

The result is six sensational hen party ideas that won’t break the bank or lose you friends!

Yoga party

Hen parties don’t have to be all about booze and bar crawling.

Depending on the hen, something a little more refined might be in order. Hiring your own Yoga teacher or going away to a Yoga retreat might be just what the hen needs before her big day. Invite some friends, learn some new positions and bask in the glow of renewed energy afterwards.

What’s not to love?

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Action activity

If your bride to be is more of a GI Jane than someone who likes to be pampered, there are lots of activities you can arrange. Anything from clay pigeon shooting to paintballing, assault courses to archery, zorbing to water skiing. Most of these are possible around Malta and would make a day to remember for all the right reasons!

Cultured tea party

A cultured hen party is less about dressing up in ‘L’ plates and more about dressing up as ladies who lunch. Themes can be anything from traditional Maltese, Japanese, Moroccan or just dress to impress. Spending an afternoon enjoying tea and cakes with your friends could make a great hen party.

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Learn something

Learning something fun and interesting is another novel hen party idea. As long as that something can be eaten or drunk it should go down very well indeed. Think cocktails, cupcakes, macaroons, meals or even makeup. Think about what the bride to be likes and has always wanted to try their hand at and arrange it.

Private dining

Private dining is very big across mainland Europe right now and is making its way here too. As a group, you hire out a dining room or an entire restaurant and be waited on the entire time. Enjoy dinner, brunch or even supper depending on where you are and what’s available in your area. It is definitely a hen party to remember!

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If you can get to St. Julians, Buġibba, Mellieħa or Marsaskala, you won’t be short of clubs and bars to visit on the hen night. While we have presented some novel hen party ideas, sometimes the tried and tested are the only way to go. It might be worth booking a hotel room or two close by so you can get at least an hour or two’s sleep before the wedding!

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