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10 school bag essentials

by Yellow 653 Days

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School is right around the corner - and this year is your year! Or so you chant to yourself every September. This year may be just another year, but we're determined to make it the least chaotic as possible with a list of 10 school bag essentials for the new scholastic year:

1.Pick your poison

Some like making use of a good old fashioned notepad while others prefer typing away on their machine. Either way, make sure you have either at all times! You don't want to get stuck with nothing to write your notes on when you find out that the lecturer won't be providing you with a copy of the presentation.


How can you keep updated with the world around you without your phone and some data? Some schools have phone charging spots and all for good reason!

3.Plan it out

Your life will slowly start shifting back to the madhouse that the scholastic year entails with it but fear not, there are precautions you can take to keep your mind organised. A planner is one. Make a bullet journal, doodle in it, personalise it. Just make sure to also keep it updated with everything that goes on in your brain - that way, believe it or not, you can also relieve stress!

4.Sharpen up

Don't you just love walking into a stationary and buying coloured pens and cute pencils? We sure do! Apart from being fun to buy, though, they can also come in handy, so make sure you have some on hand in case charging spots for your laptop lack or you feel like doodling…

5.Drink up

We're sure you've heard this one before; STAY HYDRATED! If water's not your best friend, try adding a lemon to it to spice the flavour up or buy a fancy bottle to keep you smiling throughout the day.

6.Keep the doctor away

During the day, you find yourself coming in contact with various things, some of which you don't know the origins of. A pump of sanitizer a day will keep the doctor away, trust us!

7.Shake it out

Sometimes, breaks get lonely, walks get quiet and lectures get boring. Make sure you have headphones with you at all times in order to keep yourself entertained!

8.Freshen up

After spending a day out chugging coffee, your breath may get corrupted and unpleasant. Keep some gum or mints in your bag to avoid making a fool out of yourself in front of your classmates.

9.Stick it

Who doesn't like these cute buggers? Be it to write notes for yourself or to leave cool messages for your friends, these little sticky notes sure come in handy. You can also prank your friend's car, but you'll need to stock up on a few more than these.


We're not referring to metaphorical change here, we mean legit hard cash - or rather, coins. Whether it's for the vending machine or to pay a takeaway coffee, you can be certain that you will need change.


11. Make it up

Sometimes you don't have time to make yourself look presentable in the morning, other times you just need to freshen up- either way, carrying a small make-up bag with you, with all the essentials is the way to go.

12. Moisten those lips

In winter, lips get dry and start chipping. It's not a pretty look. Make sure to equip your bag with a lip balm for emergencies.

13. Flower up

After spending a day at school, running from class to class, you're bound to smell less-than-rosy than you did when you left home. Make sure to have a deodorant in hand - you know, just in case you bump into your crush.

14. Detangle

You don't want the hours you spent styling your hair in the morning to go to waste now, do you? Keep a detangle brush in your bag for a quick brush between lectures.

15. Hold it in

And of course, what's the use of having all these items, if you have nowhere to put them? Buy a bag that's big enough to fit your laptop but versatile enough to suit all of your outfits.

We hope this blog post made you smile and gave you some ideas and we wish you the most fruitful our years!

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