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Yellow keeps its social promise

by Yellow 549 Days

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Yellow is keeping its promise, made several months ago, to contribute to an important social cause. This, following the successful completion of yet another busy annual distribution period, during which the company has managed to distribute over 170,000 copies of the latest edition of its Yellow Pages directory to all addresses around the islands.
But this was not only about new books in every household. Yellow has been committed to recovering old editions of the printed directory since 1999. This year, through its collection and recycling campaign, the company has managed, thanks to the full participation of the general public, to collect a grand total of 45,010 used directories. These are audited and verified by KPMG, and shall all be recycled in order to safeguard the environment.
So what was the promise about? As part of its distribution campaign, the company had promised to donate €0.10 for each old copy of the Yellow directory collected. Id-Dar tal-Providenza will thus be receiving the grand sum of €5501. Yellow is excited to announce that its share of this total equals €4501, whilst its collaborator on the project, U-Recycle will be contributing €1000.

  Dar Tal-Providenza

This is all very unique in Malta and Gozo since this is the only local publisher which works towards collecting old copies of its publications in order to do its share towards global environmental care. To date, a total of 990,010 old directories have been collected over the years, which in total equate to a saving of around 1,276 tons of paper from the islands' landfills.
In view of these corporate efforts and accomplishments, the company and the directory have been repeatedly recognized by Malta's Cleaner Technology Centre. Yellow was awarded an Honourable Mention in The Environment Award for Industry twice, in 2007 and 2009. The company was also awarded the "Conservation Award for Sustainable Development” in 2011.

Dar Tal-Providenza Families

The company would like to thank the general public for its collaboration in this campaign, simply by having left old directories on doorsteps so that Yellow representatives could replace these old copies with new ones. Such socially significant efforts, whilst seemingly minimal in the singular, add up to hugely beneficial results when they involve hundreds if not thousands of people.

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