60,000 Yellow Downloads

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Yellow Malta App

In just three years since its inception, Yellow’s search app has recently successfully surpassed its 60,000th download. This app has become ever so popular with people across Malta and Gozo for varied reasons.

It is one of the quickest and easiest ways of gaining information when one is out and about. Such information can range from a list of the nearest eateries and bars, with details including basics such as addresses and contact numbers, as well as integrated map systems and image galleries of typical dishes or specialties’ on the menu.

Users have discovered that the Yellow app is also invaluable when it comes to dealing with life’s day-to-day frustrations such as running dangerously low on fuel or struggling to find shops open on Sundays. The app will suggest the most efficient routes to the closest petrol station, and provide details of opening hours for every business and service-provider in the required region.

This because the Yellow app holds information about practically every business in Malta and Gozo – over 21,000 businesses in all. It allows users to view each business’s website, send an email, or even call at the touch of a button with the app’s tap-to-dial feature. The Yellow app has also been planned to assist foreigners by providing a comprehensive list of tourist attractions, museums, art galleries, and taxi services – an excellent way to plan a stop on the islands.

Yellow Malta Phone & Tablet App

So many downloads have also spelt success because this unique app is completely free on both Android and iOS, and designed to run on most smartphones and tablets. And there’s more… the latest update on this app is now allowing users to also book business services such as hair salons, nail & beauty salons, and many more. This thanks to the integration of a newly launched local booking solution available via Yellow and Timify.

The Yellow app can be downloaded from the App stores or from www.yellow.com.mt/app

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