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Small Gestures That Make A Big Impression

by Yellow

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If your loved ones have been down in the dumps, it's time to put up something special for them. Here are 6 small gestures that are bound to leave a big impression.

Scent of roses

It is truly beautiful to walk into a room to find a bouquet of flowers laid out in a vase. If you're looking to carry out a gesture that doesn't require too much effort, flowers may be the way to go.

Dinner is served

There's nothing better than coming home to a home-cooked meal. If your loved one has had a long day at work or has just come back from an arduous flight, make sure to have dinner ready on the table. Food nourishes the soul after all.

Drop a line

Some people await calls as much as you crave for Spring. Give a call to your loved ones every now and then to remind them they're still on your mind. A simple
5 minute conversation can make someone's day.

Take the stress away

Sometimes all we need is to get pampered a little bit. Prepare some candles, get out some moisturiser and let your loved one distress. If you don't trust yourself massaging another person, and fear of causing more harm than good, why not consider a voucher at one of Malta's
SPA Centres?

Care package

Can you encapsulate someone in a box? Then get to it! Gather your loved one's favourite treats, a good book to read and a scented candle and put them all in one huge gift box. You'll literally be putting happiness in a box. The list of things you could put in this care packages is endless.

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