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How To Pick A Second Hand Car

by Yellow

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It's time to invest in a car but purchasing a new one seems out of the question judging by your bank balance. Resourcing to second hand car can be a viable option as long as you keep the following 5 tips in mind.


If you're looking into buying a second-hand car, you're obviously not ready to cash out money. Before looking through cars, establish a budget for yourself in order to avoid overspending. How much are you willing to spending over a previously owned car?


Low mileage isn't an indicator of a fully-functioning car but lower miles do mean you can expect a longer life from most components. Any car punching in at less that 50k miles is a good find, go for it!


Filter through cars by keeping your needs in mind.Is a heater and AC a must? Must the car come with a bluetooth receiver for your phone? Don't settle for anything other than what you're looking for in a car or you'll regret your purchase in the long run.

Rely on forums

When you're at a dealer, you'll be pushed to purchase a car just for the sake of closing the deal. Look to online forums for reliable advice. Online users will give you their honest opinion about car brands and their own personal experience.

Inspect the vehicle

Every second-hand car comes with a level of wear and tear. You should inspect any car thoroughly before cashing out in order to avoid disappointment in the future. Inspect the engine primarily for corrosion. Make sure to check the oil clippings, tire wear and paint job, also.

We hope these tips help you when buying your soon-to-be car and wish you safe driving!

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