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7 Simple up-styles to cover up those annoying areas

by Yellow 394 Days

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The heat is rising, and letting your hair down might not be the most comfortable styling choice for the next couple of months. Up-styles allow you to go about your day with ease, but finding the one that is truly right for you can be quite the challenge. From hiding your 'big' forehead or visibly-prominent ears, to gaining confidence in your thin hair, pinpointing your signature updo can do wonders for your self-esteem, and save you plenty of time in the morning! Unless you'd rather still seek the help of a professional hairstylist, here are 7 simple up-styles you can achieve on your own!

The side knot bun

Many women consider the size of their forehead to be a physical insecurity. You would probably think that covering it by getting bangs is the best way to tackle the discomfort. But in reality, bangs do not suit everyone and can be quite hard to maintain. Instead, try cleverly positioning your hair at the front and bundling it up at the back. This updo can be both casual and elegant, if you do it properly.

The super messy half bun

If you can pull off bangs, then this is the way to go. This style works like a charm if you want to hide your forehead, but at the same time rock a laid-back look. The messy half bun on top is perfect for those days when you just can't muster enough effort to dress yourself up. It's the ideal balance between mellow and chic.

The tousled curly look

No matter how fine or delicate your hair is, don't shy away from being adventurous and taking it up a notch or two! This sassy and fun style will provide your hair with the extra texture and thickness you've been looking for. It looks best on women with heart-shaped faces, and is especially easy to create for hair that is between fine and thin, and is naturally wavy or curly.

The rebellious undercut

This short undercut, with plenty of hair at the top that is left to flow on its own wherever it wants, is bad-ass to say the least. It gives the optical illusion that there is more hair than there actually is, making this a splendid choice for women with finer hair. And if you're feeling rebellious, why not dye your hair in the process? Bright and colourful hair hues are all the rage when it comes to standing out from the crowd.

The retro bouffant updo

Dreamy, vintage and gorgeous. This style might be slightly difficult to do yourself, at least until you get used to it. Bringing back an old look, and giving it a modern and contemporary twist, is somewhat risqué but definitely worth a try. You can even pull this off for a formal occasion or a wedding (dare we say your own wedding!).

The sideways French twist

Like the hairstyle before it, this updo can give women a great sense of security and empowerment if they are uncomfortable showing their ears most of the time. By bringing the hair higher in a pretty braided style, it looks fuller and well-rounded, even if you don't have naturally curly hair. And it's another plausible option for an unconventional wedding get-up!

The 'I woke up like this'

 Beyoncé would be proud. This very unique look has a sort of neglected appearance, but it's completely on purpose. Having thin and fragile hair can be quite confidence-defeating, particularly when it gets annoyingly frizzy every time you try to do something different with it. This kind of style is fairly quick and easy to do. Not to mention that it can also combat your insecurities and generate compliments all at the same time.  

Comb and hairdryer in hand, it's time for you to turn some heads and make your up-style dream look a reality!
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