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5 To-dos To Prepare Yourself For Summer In Malta

by Karl Azzopardi

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The sun is shining and so is every pore on our face which could only mean one thing - summer is upon us! Soon enough we'll be at the beach listening to the soothing sounds of waves ebbing and flowing across the shore, the ensuing crescendo of pebbles caught up in this rhythmic dance and the horrified screams of parents helplessly watching her children repeatedly attempt a backward dive from two-storey rock formations. 

Ahhh, there's nothing quite like it really. 

Now, while we're all excited to get back that tan we've missed for the past nine months and empty every ice cream van that comes into sight, there are some things we should do first in order to fully ready ourselves for summer in Malta;

1. Buy a Reusable Water Bottle

Reusable water bottle

There's nothing more anxiety-inducing than walking around the islands in the scorching summer heat without having immediate access to water to cool you down. Surely you could find a place to buy bottled water but that is neither convenient nor cost-effective – not to mention extremely damaging to the environment. 

You're better off buying a reusable water bottle and taking it with you EVERYWHERE so that you always have some form of refreshment handy. There are multiple water points and water fountains across the island where you can refill it for less than half the price you would pay for bottled water. 

We even suggest that you buy two for them so you're prepared for every inevitable heatwave that summer in Malta brings with it.

2. Find a Good Sunscreen

girl putting on sunscreen

We know you've been waiting for this moment to come so you can tan your heart out. However, there's nothing pretty nor healthy about getting a sunburn every time you step out of your house and risking getting stuck with that infamous farmer's tan all summer.

So, search the house for all the sunscreen products you have been hoarding over the years and start by checking their expiry date because expired sunscreen is as useless as using a clear umbrella for shade. If you find that your collection of sunscreens would be better off in the trash or at an antique shop, head over to the closest pharmacy and get yourself a new one.

And no, tanning oil does not classify as sunscreen no matter the level of SPF indicated on the label.

3. Rearrange Your Wardrobe

changing wardrobe from winter to summer

You know those really hot summer days the sight of wool or flannel sends hot flushes all over your body? 

Save yourself from this stress by switching around your wardrobe as soon as you can and keeping your winter clothes as far away from you as possible until next season. Push all your jumpers and cardigans to the back of the wardrobe, hide every warm coat or jacket you own and replace them all with your T-shirts, tank tops, shorts and any other clothes that don't make you want to peel your skin off in this heat.

Moving clothes around also serves as a kind of ritual that allows you to mentally let go of a season of cosying up at home and enter a period full of outings and exploration all over Malta!

4. Stock Up on Every Mosquito Repellent in Existence

citronella mosquito repellent

You can feel it on your skin and hear it in the deepest depths of your mind. Yes, it's those pesky mosquitos making their grandiose return to ruin every barbecue, every outdoor event and every plan you had on getting a restful night of sleep this summer.

Thankfully we're blessed to live in a time with all sorts of weapons and torture devices to fight or ward off these annoying pests. 

From insect screens to safely let in some air into your house, to electrical rackets to practice your tennis skills as you swat away at every unfortunate mosquito that crosses your path, to repellent sprays and candles – the 21st century is truly beautiful, isn't it?

5. Get Acquainted with Seasonal Produce

man holding watermelon

Maybe it's due to the extreme heat but there is something so satisfying and refreshing about eating a colourful fruit salad during summer, and nothing beats the selection of local produce that emerges during the summer in Malta.

We've already started seeing strawberries everywhere and slowly but surely watermelons, peaches and grapes are making an appearance too because we all know it wouldn't be summer without finding one or more of these fruits on the kitchen table.

Ok, now that you've checked everything on the list there is only one thing left to do – have fun! It's what summer's all about, especially when you're lucky enough to live on an island!

Check out our Activities section to discover things you should do and places you should visit around the Maltese Islands this summer. 


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