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5 Tips To Live A More Sustainable Lifestyle

by Chiara Micallef

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Earth Day is back, and while this year we won't be able to take part in any group activities, there are still several things you can do at home to honour this day. While world leaders and activists will be meeting for a summit to discuss ways to prevent climate change disasters and environmental destruction, you can do your part at home to help out too. Here are 5 tips to kick off sustainable living in your home. 

1. Be More Consumption-Aware

From recycling to repurposing certain items around the house, there are several things you can do at home to reduce your carbon footprint. 

One thing which at times is easy to overlook is water consumption. Shut off faucets when brushing your teeth or showering, and while you're at it – get any leaking or dripping faucets in your home fixed. Turn off lights, appliances and electronics when not in use and wash your laundry using cold water. 

2. Opt For Eco-Friendly Products 

Get your hands on more sustainably sourced and reusable items when it comes to personal care products. You can opt for muslin cloths, konjac sponges or washable cotton pads instead of disposable cotton wool to remove makeup, as non-organic cotton wool is harmful to the environment. The non-organic cotton farming industry is a major player in environmental pollution due to its use of pesticides and harmful chemicals.

3. Avoid Single-Use Plastics 

This one is simple enough – replace single-use plastic bottles with more durable alternatives such as glass, stainless steel and reusable plastic bottles. A study carried out by WWF states that single-use plastic bottles can take up to 450 years to break down – and an estimated 75% are not disposed of correctly.

4. Leave Your Car At Home 

We're not saying that you should ditch your car altogether, but let's face it, we are a nation of car users. There's no need to take your car just to pop by at the grocery store. As a general rule of thumb, leave your car at home if you are going somewhere within your town's perimeters or close to home. If you are travelling further you can opt for carpooling, ride-sharing apps or public transport – and if you're up for some movement, ride a bike. 

5. Add More Plants To Your Home 

Plants are not only super pretty to look at – they can regulate the temperature in your home, decrease stress and have air-purifying qualities. Moreover, plants are also known to help you recover from illnesses faster and can reduce both physiological and psychological stress. 

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