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5 Tips To Ace Your 2021 New Year's Resolution

by Chiara Micallef

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New Years Resolution

Whether you would like to kick an old habit to the curb or improve yourself, New Year resolutions are what people usually opt for when it comes to life improvements. However, at times, people do not always keep their commitment all year long. So we've compiled this article to help you stick to your goals and dreams this year.

Here are five surefire ways to stick to your New Year's resolutions this year.

1. Set Out Realistic Plans 

Rather than setting out a goal like "lose weight" for 2021, you should go for a more specific and realistic one that will help you keep your progress in check. You could opt for a concrete goal like being able to run a marathon by the end of the year, quit smoking, or save up €4,000 by the end of 2021. Setting goals that are less vague will present you with a higher chance of success eventually. 


2. Just Pick One 

Having a long and never-ending list of goals and resolutions is a surefire way to spread yourself thin. Studies from Hertfordshire University by Psychology Professor Richard Wiseman show that picking just one resolution and focusing all of your efforts on it will most probably present you with higher rates of success than having a lot of different objectives at once. 

3. Track Your Progress

By keeping track of the progress you have made so far, you will be able to renew your motivation and confidence. This will, in turn, help you curb any temptation and ignore any discomfort associated with the changes which you have set about to make in your life. By keeping track of the amazing work you've been doing, you will be able to inspire yourself to work even harder to complete your goal. 

4. It's Ok To Slip 

Change is something that takes time to happen – especially if your resolution is one which you are finding hard to keep up with. If for example, you would like to stop smoking, do not beat yourself up too hard if you relapse into the habit – however it is important not to see this as defeat or a reason for you to give up. Look at these relapses as learning curves or stumbling steps that will help you face future challenges with added strength and discipline. 

5. Remember: Change Is A Process 

When we as people experience change, we move from something which we have always known or done, into a completely different manner of behaviour or thinking. Change should always be treated as a transition rather than an event – this will make it a central component for success. Rather than just thinking about the end goal, you need to give attention to the whole process – split it up into different phases and tailor each one to fit your approach and mentality best. This will help you adapt easier to a new way of life in a successful and fulfilling manner. 

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