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Keep the romance alive all year round with these easy tips

by Yellow

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Remember those days when you first started dating your partner? You couldn’t wait to leave work to spend time together. You constantly showered each other with compliments and could barely keep your hands off each other. 

Fast forward a couple of years and of course, you still love each other. But you’re now caught up in a hectic routine that leaves little time for romance.

Guess what? With a little bit of effort and imagination, you can bring the romance back into your relationship, fan the flames of love and remind your partner just how much they mean to you. Here’s how...


Show them you’re thinking about them 

All too often couples get to see each other when the alarm clock rings in the morning and late at night after work. Show your partner that you’re thinking about him or her in between. It might be as simple as sending him a text message to say: “good morning”. Or forwarding the link to an article you know she’ll find interesting.


Acknowledge their efforts 

You’ve been complaining that your partner never puts his dirty mug in the sink. Or that she always leaves her shoes in the hallway. Then, one day - surprise! The mug is in the sink and the boots are placed neatly in the shoe cupboard.

Don’t let this effort go unnoticed. By responding to your complaints, your partner it telling you: “I’m willing to make small changes because I love you and I know it really bothers you.” So make sure to acknowledge this effort.

Bonus tip: It’s easy to point out what you don’t like. But make sure you also comment about the good things. Compliment each other about a new outfit or hairstyle. Make sure he knows if you loved the plate of pasta he cooked and tell her you like the new shoes she bought.


Surprise them

There’s nothing more romantic than letting your partner regularly know that you’re listening. So buy him the book he sounded interested in last time when his friend was talking about it. Get her another bottle of her favourite perfume because you noticed that it’s soon finished. Show your partner that you’re paying attention. 


Ask how they are

How did the presentation go? Did she manage to make her appointment on time? How was his day? Asking a few followup questions simply shows that you care about your partner. Just make sure that when you do ask the questions, you are ready to listen.

So pick a time when you can ignore your incoming calls and give your partner some well-deserved undivided attention.


Pay attention in social events 

When you’re out with friends, or at some work event, it’s easy to get caught up in conversation with friends or colleagues and forget about your partner.

Take time to check in on them and make sure they feel welcome near you at all times. And when it’s time to hit the dance floor - go grab their hand!


Break routine

Nothing kills romance faster than routine. That feeling of being stuck in a rut of work -home-work-home. Then the weekend comes and you’re too tired to move from your sofa.

Stir things up a little by breaking routine. Doesn’t have to be anything too complicated. Simply going out for a drink or getting takeout midweek can do the trick.

Bonus tip: Transform dinner into dining. Take the initiative to turn a mundane, quick supper into a dining experience. Lay the table, light a candle, pour some wine and enjoy a meal together.


Organise date nights

Rekindle the magic that comes with dating: deciding what to wear and getting ready for your date, being “picked up” (from the living room), setting at a candle-lit table for two. Regular date nights are an easy way to keep up the romantic momentum. So go on and book babysitting from now! 


Explore new things together

Inject some novelty into your relationship by trying out new things together. Be as creative and daring as you wish. You can treat your palates to a new sort of cuisine or sign up to cooking classes. Or you could try a new sport like jogging, diving or horse riding.

Another option is to explore new places and discover the hidden gems scattered around the Maltese islands. 


Stay positive 

Here’s a relationship golden rule: no one is perfect and other people’s relationships always look rosy. But all couples have their ups and downs. Heard this before? I’m sure you did. Because it’s true!

So even when you want to start screaming because he didn’t buy milk after you reminded him 50 times. Or she insists on putting peas in the bolognese even though you hate peas. Stay positive. Think of all the good things. Remember that you love this person. 


Support self growth 

One of the foundations of romantic relationships is friendship. And friends push and encourage each other to follow their dreams and become better people. So be that person. Be the one to urge your partner to start that online course, pursue their studies or apply for that promotion. Show them you believe in them.


Cuddle & kiss

Show your love and affection in the most basic of ways - through spontaneous cuddles and kisses. Sit close to each other while watching a movie. Hug each other and rediscover the magic of long, love-filled smooching.




When it comes to keeping love in the air it’s never too late. And you’re never too old. So go on, rekindle that flame with a romantic getaway for two at one of the hotels listed on Yellow. And, when you get home from your break, keep the romance alive with these few simple gestures. 

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