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Top tips to save money

by Yellow 791 Days

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There are many reasons why we all need to have savings. Emergencies such as your car breaking down or home repairs, planning for the future when you retire and to enjoy life a little with a holiday or treat. Having a little put by to help cover those expenses has a positive psychological effect too. If you're looking for some top tips to save money, this post is for you!

Cut down on something

Making a small change can have far-reaching effects. You could stop smoking or stop buying a coffee on the way to work and make your own instead. You could make your own lunch instead of using the café across the street from work or the canteen. There are many ways to cut back a little without impacting your life too much.
Replacing what you're cutting out helps maintain balance and lowers the risk of going back to old habits. Saving the money you would have spent and keeping a running total will also help motivate you. Then you can use all that money as you see fit!

Send salary to savings

Sending an affordable portion of your salary directly to savings is a great way to save money. You don't see the money, you aren't tempted to spend it and you always know how much you have to spend once it has gone. It could be as little or as much as you like. As long as you get into the habit of saving something, you will benefit in the long run.
Most banks allow standing orders into savings accounts so it might be worth setting one up for the day after you get paid. This will allow enough time for your salary to clear with a little extra time in case of delays.

Make money on the side

such as eBay make getting rid of old stuff easier than ever. You could make extra money by getting rid of things you no longer need or selling items you can get cheap. Creative sites such as Etsy are ideal for those of you who can make things. You can sell anything from crocheted doilies to sculptures. As long as they are of a good quality, you can sell them.
Other options include writing a blog and selling advertising, doing website design or coding on the side, building mobile apps or any other skill you may have.
The key to making these tips work is tracking them and using your success as further motivation. For example, if you stopped smoking, calculate how much cash you save each week and keep a running total somewhere you can see it. As the amount grows and your health improves, it provides further motivation to keep going.
It's the same for giving up anything or making any sacrifice. If you can see tangible results and get something out of it, it is much easier keep it up.

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