Top 10 autumn recipes for you to try

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With fall approaching, we’re sure you’re looking for new autumn recipes to share with your family and friends. Ladies and gentlemen cooks, we are pleased to present you with the 10 must-try recipes for autumn!

Hearty pumpkin soup

Warm your belly and fill your house with a mouth-watering aroma with this glorious roasted pumpkin soup. Top it up with pulses or finish it with a cheesy layer for an extra oomph to your dish.


Roasted Butternut, Bacon Casserole

A good casserole is the perfect reminder of home so get roasting. Try incorporating butternut and bacon to the recipe in order to spark the fall flavour your taste buds crave.

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Stewed Beef and Potatoes

Stews are the way to go when you’re looking for a heartwarming, flavourful dish to incorporate to your weekly menu. Spice the pot up by incorporating beans and peppers to the recipe. This dish is a must for this fall.


Caramel Drizzled Pumpkin Pie

Apple pies aren’t the only staple dessert you should be baking in your oven. Try switching it up by infusing your pie with pumpkins instead. Top it with cream and drizzle some caramel on top in order to add some sweetness to the tartness of the pumpkin.


Crumble Stuffed Apple

Crumble’s texture always beats pie in our books. There’s something about this warm crumbling dessert we just adore. We sure are excited to try some out with pumpkin ice cream this fall!


Fluffy Pumpkin Spiced Pancakes

Pancakes needn’t always taste the same. This fall, try spicing up your breakfast by incorporate some pumpkin pancakes to the mix. Top them up with some butter and syrup for an added level of sweetness.


Cinnamon Rolled Buns

Although we usually associate cinnamon rolls to a cheat day at a bakery, it needn’t be the case. These glorious, cream cheese dripping, desserts are fairly easy to make in your own kitchen and they’re bound to fill you with the fall spirit.


Applesauce Glazed Cake

What’s better than a warm beverage and a slice of cake during the colder seasons? Not much. Try out this applesauce cake and savour its magnificent caramel glaze. We must say, this cake is some masterpiece.


Fall Stapling Pumpkin Spice Latte

Although we may not have a Starbucks in Malta quite yet, we’ve all heard about the sought for pumpkin spice latte at one point or another. Well, it’s time for us to live the hype and have our own opinions about it – thanks to the recipe below.


Spiked Apple Haven

This drink is for the adults in the house. Next time you invite your friends over, make sure to spike some apple cider some for them to indulge in. Your guests will leave your party bearing the biggest of smiles.

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