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Six easy Easter decorations for your home

by Yellow 852 Days

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With Easter almost upon us, it's a great time to welcome Spring into our lives. While winter isn't as bad in Malta as it is in other places, it is still nice to say goodbye to the chill and usher in the season of growth, rebirth and renewal. What better way to do that than with some easy Easter decorations? These six easy Easter d├ęcor ideas are cheap, simple and look great. Ideal for making the most of this happy time of year!

Painted eggs

Eggs are the symbol of new life and are a strong feature in 
any Easter theme. Paint some eggs a nice pastel shade, dab spots of glue around the egg and dip into coloured glitter for a fantastically simply yet very colourful Easter decoration. It's something the children can get involved in too.
You can use plastic eggs, real boiled eggs or the newer Styrofoam eggs. It's entirely up to you!

Take the inside out

With a climate as nice as ours, it would be a shame to spend Easter indoors. If you have space, why not take your dining table and chairs outside and decorate it there? Or decorate your patio furniture with flowers, those coloured eggs or some of the other decorations 
we're going to make?

Easter bunny garland

Making a simple but very effective Easter bunny garland takes only a few minutes yet makes a real difference to 
a space. Draw a bunny shape on a piece of card and cut it out. Use it as a template to draw the bunny onto coloured card or paper. Fold the paper over multiple times so as you cut each bunny out, you actually cut several at a time. Separate, tidy up, put a hole in a bunny ear and link together with string. Simple but very effective!

Chocolate bunnies

Placing a few chocolate bunnies in a basket filled with straw is about as Easter as it gets. Many craft stores sell chocolate moulds. Get some cooking chocolate, melt it and pour it into the moulds. Then once set, join two halves together using more melted chocolate. You could then add a thin ribbon collar around its neck for further decoration. Alternatively, you can buy 
the ready chocolate bunnies from a confectionary or sweet shops.
Place inside a straw-filled basket alongside small foil covered eggs for best effect.

Easter egg tree

The Easter egg tree is a German tradition that is catching on across Europe. Cover a bucket with brightly coloured paper to make it look decorative and place flower foam or soil into it. Add some willow branches and arrange them decoratively. Wrap some thin coloured ribbon around the branches. Make two holes in the top of a decorated egg with a needle and thread the ribbon through. Tie the ribbon to one of the pieces on the tree to hang.

Papier Mache birds nest

Who doesn't love a bit of Papier Mache? Cover a glass bowl with some plastic wrap and place it upside down on a table. Tear thin strips of brown coloured paper to make the Mache and place it over the bowl. Build it up until it looks a bit like a nest, then apply dry paper strips around the outside to make it look like branches. Allow to dry overnight, then fill with more paper strips and place eggs inside.
Those are six cheap and easy Easter decorations for your home that make a real impact. If you have any ideas you think our readers would like, add them below!

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