Organise your home: change of seasons!

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You know it’s time to organise your home when the weather cools down, the days get shorter and your allergies kick in. We guess the time has come for a change of seasons!

If you are anything like us, the sole idea of taking out the quilts, changing the clothes in the wardrobes and dusting the blankets is a nightmare – to the point where we postpone everything to the very last minute, trying to convince ourselves that it actually isn’t that cold.

Organising your home for the new season is as bad as you choose for it to be. Here are our top tips when it comes to preparing the house for the cold months.

Summer out, Winter in

It’s time to say goodbye to  t-shirts and shirts, and give a warm welcome to fluffy jackets and cosy hoodies. Although it took quite a while for Autumn to properly set in Malta, we can now safely say that the days have gotten colder.

Here’s a tip on how to store your summer clothes: use vacuum storage bags to try keep as much space as possible, whilst also avoiding dust and dirt reaching your clothes. Alternatively, you can use plastic storage boxes, and place them under the bed or on top of your wardrobes.

Get rid of the dust

Furniture, in general, tends to get pretty dusty, but you haven’t seen it all until you decide to use the ladder to see what’s waiting for you on top of the wardrobe. Most people tend to forget that a little bit of cleaning is due up there. Get on the ladder, use your favourite cleaning tool, and get rid of those annoying dust bunnies which are anything but cute! This is extremely helpful for those who suffer from allergies, a clean-up once in awhile can make a difference!

Cosy bed

Don’t you just love a cosy and warm bed? Get you quilt out, give it a wash (if you haven’t done it before storing it away in summer), and prepare your fluffy bed. Add a few drops of lavender to the sheets to get rid of the smell of storage, and to also help you sleep better at night.  

Comfy sofa

Believe it or not, sometimes sofas also need some cleaning. If you are the type of person to neglect the sofa, and find coins and lost remotes in between the cushions, you might want to consider giving your sofa a quick clean. Use the vacuum cleaner to try and suck out as much dust as possible (make sure to get behind the cushions, so as to clean as much area as possible). Next, sprinkle baking soda all over the couch and let it set for 20 minutes. You’ll then need to use the vacuum cleaner again to remove it all. If you encounter persistent stains, mix warm water with one tablespoon of dishwashing liquid and a tablespoon of baking soda, and scrub the dirt away (warning: remember to test this solution on a hidden part of the sofa first, to make sure it doesn’t affect the colouring). Add a fluffy blanket, and you are now ready for the cosy movie nights to come.

Keep warm

Get your warm slippers, fluffy socks and hot water bottle out – it’s time to keep warm. Procure some door snakes (you can easily make these by rolling up towels), and use them to block the gap between the closed door and floor, to stop the breeze from coming in. To assure you have a warm, welcoming bed at the end of the day, put a hot water bottle under the sheets 15 minutes before going to bed. Your bed will be essentially calling out your name.

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From the changing of clothes to clearing the house and preparing the bed and sofa, this is how we prepare for the colder season. If you want to find ways to keep your house clean at all times, check out our easy tips here.

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