Meal preps that you won’t get bored of

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Meal prepping – the process of preparing food in advance in order to stick to a certain diet or to save time and hassle throughout the week. If the thought of having all your meals cooked out in advance entices you, head on out to the closest stationer and purchase 7 containers, because it’s time you get meal prepping!

Stuffed peppers

Stuffed peppers are a low carb meal that is bound to leave you satisfied by the end of it. Simply cut the stem end off the peppers and clean out the seeds. Wash the peppers thoroughly and place in the microwave for 5 minutes – until softened. In the meantime, prepare your stuffing. Opt to stuff your peppers with couscous, chilli con carne, pulled chicken or bean stew. Finish off your stuffed peppers with some cheese. Drizzle the finished product with olive oil, seasoning and wrap them up in foil. Pop the peppers in the oven for 5-10 minutes or until the cheese has melted. If you’re not a fan of cold cheese, opt out of it and substitute it for a dollop of sour cream. Simply pack a container of sour cream and add a tablespoon to the peppers before indulging in them.

Burrito bowls

Add some tang to your lunch by cooking some burrito bowls ahead of time. The spice and flavor to this dish will assure you don’t get bored of eating it daily. Simply cook some rice and assemble the bowl by adding some salsa, chopped lettuce, olives, corn, beans, cilantro and diced tomatoes to the mix. Drizzle some lemon juice to the mix in order to prolong its freshness. Pack some sour cream aside if you’d like to add some sauce to the dish.

Sausage and veggies

If you’re looking to make meal prepping even less time consuming, try out this one pan recipe! Simply chop up some italian sausage – or turkey sausage if you wish to cut down on calories – along with your favourite vegetables (zucchini, onions, peppers and broccoli might be a good start). Drizzle the chopped food with olive oil and sprinkle seasoning on top. Oven bake the dish for around 20 minutes for the optimum result.

Asian bowl

If you’re a fan of Asian food, this recipe will please your palate! Stir fry some rice in soy sauce, then stir in an egg for some extra flavoring. On the side, steam your vegetables of choice. If you’re looking for some additional protein, marinate chicken or opt for pulled pork. Assemble the dish and enjoy for the remainder of the week.

Mason jar salad

This recipe is especially suitable for students who are always on the go. These cute mason jar salads are easy to assemble and delicious to consume. Our particular favorite includes; sauteed peppers, quinoa, cajun shrimp, spinach and pistachio nuts for that extra crunch. Simply layer the mason jar with the ingredients and pack your sauce of choice on the side in order to avoid your salad from getting soggy. If you wish to prolong your salad’s freshness, drizzle some lime juice in the jar.

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Not only will you not have to worry about cooking lunch and dinner for a week but these delicious recipes will also keep you energized and satisfied throughout. Happy meal prepping!

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