How to make your salad taste better

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To most of us, having a salad, isn’t the most appetising thing to eat, especially if it’s looking bland and tired. This post however, might change your mind. You can make a good looking and scrumptious salad out of basically anything you can find in your cupboard. If you’re into snapping shots of your food, it will surely make an artful image for your Instagram feed.


This is why we like Greek Salad, you basically get all the ingredients, throw them in one bowl, add some seasoning and you’re done! It’s fresh and colourful! You could just eat it on its own or pair it with any grilled meat of your choice.

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Get a taste of summer with every single bite you eat, this salad is ready within 15 minutes. Perfect for when you feel like whipping up something easy and healthy. All you need is to cook the couscous and mix some of the ingredients in a non-stick frying pan and add in a few more ingredients for that burst of flavour!

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Serve this super healthy salad with crispy za’atar bread for a Middle Eastern themed feast. All you need is to combine the ingredients in a bowl, add some seasoning and toss in the dressing just before serving. This salad is ideal when served with crisp za’atar bread and chermoula-marinated mackerel.

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Farmer’s Market Salad

A farmer’s market salad is as nutritious as it’s good-looking. This dish is super easy to assemble and extremely delicious too! Simply purchase fresh vegetables and toss everything together in a bowl. Add your dressing of choice to maximise the taste!

Asian Noodle

Infuse your salads with an exotic twist with this Asian Noodle twist! Simply add a serving of spaghetti your choice of vegetables. Finish the salad off with a decadent peanut sauce in order to add an extra umph to your dish!

Eating salads doesn’t sound so dull after all, right?

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