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Inspirational ideas for DIY bookshelves

by Yellow 913 Days

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There is nothing quite like the satisfaction of exercising your creativity and creating something practical and attractive for your home. One of the simplest projects you can undertake is the DIY bookshelf. It is a versatile piece of décor that has a very practical use and can fit into just about any style.
If you're handy with a hammer and have a little imagination, the options for creating DIY bookshelves are almost limitless. If you find yourself spoilt for choice and can't make a decision, what about one of these inspirational ideas? Each is cheap and simple to make and can transform a mundane shelf into something eye-catching!

Scaffold boards

Repurposing scaffolding boards is a great way to have longer bookshelves at very little cost. The boards may need a little tidying up but will provide a safe, stable place to put your books. You could either hang it on a wall using shelf brackets or go all the way and build a freestanding bookshelf with scaffold poles too.


As an island, we are blessed with lots of
coastline and while a lot of what washes up on our beaches is rubbish, some of it can have a use. Every now and again lovely pieces of wood wash up on the shore. These tend to be quickly claimed as they are full of character and have a lovely weathered appearance. If you live near a beach, why not keep an eye out for driftwood? There is a real market in repurposing it for furniture.

Reclaimed wood

Like driftwood, reclaimed wood has a weathered character that new furniture simply cannot compete with. Old floorboards, old doors, ridge beams, stairs and other structural wood can easily be repurposed into shelves. Get enough of the same type of wood and you could transform a room for very little money.


Repurposing old wooden stepladders are very popular in mainland Europe right now. Find a step ladder in good condition, prepare and paint it in a suitable shade and put your books on the steps. While it won't fit an entire library of books, it is certainly a statement piece.


Another popular repurposing project across Europe is reusing old wooden fruit or goods crates as shelves. Tidy them up, paint them if you like, or leave the wood bare. Fasten them
so the base of the box is against the wall for a simple but very effective DIY bookshelf.

Planks and bricks

Using reclaimed planks resting on old house bricks is a super simple but very effective way of creating DIY bookshelves for very little effort or money. Tidy the planks up and pile a couple of bricks at either end. Then lay a plank, add more bricks, add another plank, rinse and repeat. It's the simplest way of building something useful but is very effective in the right space.

Got any ideas for DIY bookshelves? Share them with us below!

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