7 innovative christmas tree decorations

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Have you been taking pictures of your Christmas tree? Trying to get it to look Instagram-worthy? Are you finding it hard to set your tree apart from all the others? Here are 7 innovative tree decorations that will leave your guests swooning.

Memory lane

Since Christmas is all about the family, why not might celebrate it with a pretty pictures ornament? Hang some pictures of your children, pets, parents or partner up on the tree to guarantee a heart warming feast.

Personalised ornaments

The best things are personalised! Is this your child’s first Christmas? Is this the first time you’re celebrating this feast with your hubby? Get an ornament personalised to suit your family.

Made with love

If you’ve got some time on your hands and are a fan of knitting and stitching, give these homemade ornaments a try. Which shape you choose to replicate is up to you, unleash your creativity.

Edible decorations

Fancy some gingerbread cookies? How about hanging them on the tree? We know they’ll be difficult to resist when they’re dangling in front of you on the tree. But they’re so adorable!

One for the bookworms

Want to add an intellectual vibe to your tree? Make these origami ornaments out of typewriter printouts. These ornaments will especially go beautifully on paper book trees!

Geeky Christmas

If you’ve got a love for everything that is geeky, why not hang some action figures on your trees? If you’ve got the money to spare, you might even want to consider getting some figures personalised to resemble you and your loved one. Now those will make for unique ornaments.

Aromatic tree

Who said a Christmas tree can’t smell divine? Attack an oil infusing ornament to your Christmas tree to guarantee your tree smells freshly cut from a forest.

We can’t wait to employ some of these decorations to our own trees back home. Let us know how you like to decorate your own Christmas trees in the comment section below!



If you don’t wish to go for the traditional Christmas ‘tree’, why not try something original? Make your tree out of books, recycled plastic bottles, build one out of legos… Just use your imagination!

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