Cooking made easy: impress your guests

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Are you looking to get your friends or family together and organise a dinner party? Is there someone you’re looking to impress in the bunch? Here are 7 dishes that will guarantee you success!

1. Foil pockets

Enough with boiled vegetables tasting more like water than food. Cook your vegetables in foil pockets. Add butter, herbs and spicy Italian sausage to the mix to give the greens some flavor.

2. Creme brulee

Creme brulee is the go to dessert when looking to impress your guests. Although you may think this recipe is too gourmet for your skill set, think again! Tutorials online, nowadays, make nothing look unaccomplishable. People have engineered a way of mastering it without the need for a blow torch too!

3. Chicken roulade

What’s the adjective most associated to chicken dishes? Dry! Want to impress your guest? Serve them some moist, delicious, chicken. Stuff your chicken with cheese and ham and wrapped it with bacon in order to guarantee a succulent finished product.

4. Anything exotic

What’s more impressive than someone pushing out of their comfort zone to cook an exotic dish? Follow some online recipes in order to achieve beautiful homemade dumpling or provide your guests the ingredients and let them have some fun rolling out sushi rolls.

5. Shortbread biscuits

Funnily enough, our favorite biscuits require the least amount of ingredients. Not only do shortbread biscuits remind us of Christmas but they also fill us with the same warm feeling inside. Anyone who is blessed with these delicious beauties will be grateful.

6. Pumpkin or bread bowls

Don’t limit yourself to ingredients if you’re looking to impress your guest. How the food is served effects greatly too. Serve your soup in a bread or pumpkin bowl in order to leave your guests amazed. There will be less dishes to clean at the end of the day too!

7. Homemade pizza

Everyone loves pizza. Serving HOMEMADE pizza will make for a delightful experience for your guests. No need to buy anything pre-made, there are many foolproof recipes around that will teach you how to make a pizza dough in a few easy steps. Trust us, there is no way you could go wrong with this as long as you channel the Italian in you.

We can’t wait to set up our next dinner party just so we can cook some of these dishes! Let us know what you usually cook to impress your guests.

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