Your Christmas Menu

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Cooking is stressful, especially when you’re expecting guests. If it’s the inspiration you lack, we’re here to handle that for you! Here is an exquisite, simple Christmas menu you should try out this Christmas round.


1.Meaty option –

Pigs in a blanket

Sausage? Wrapped in bacon? We’re there. These little bundles of yumminess are ideal to keep your guests satisfied while the starters are being prepared. They’re delicious and foolproof!

2.Vegetarian option –

Creamy mushroom vol-au-vent

Vol-au-vents needn’t be dry bundles of cheese. Try incorporating a rich mushroom cream to your vol-au-vents to create a yummy parcel of delight. Although flaky, vol-au-vents are small enough to eat in one bite.

3.Vegan option –

Vegetable rolls with peanut sauce

Combining both flavor and freshness, these spring rolls guarantee your guests will be asking you for the recipe once they’ve left the dinner table.



1.Meaty option –

Prawn cocktail

We’re drooling just at the thought of this prawn cocktail kicking off our dinner this Christmas. This creamy, fresh, dish will have you licking the bowl clean by the end of it.

2.Vegetarian option –

Creamy roasted broccoli soup

This dish can’t get any simpler to make. All it takes is some fresh broccoli and a splash of cream to create something divine.

3.Vegan option –

Potato gnocchi

Gnocchi needed be bid farewell by vegans. If your guests don’t intake animal products, opt for potato or pumpkin gnocchi. These parcels of taste will win the hearts of everyone at the table.


1.Meaty option –

Roasted turkey stuffed with italian sausage with potato mash, grilled vegetables and gravy

If you’re a meat lover, you cannot imagine Christmas lunch without turkey. Stuff your turkey with sausage to up its flavour and pair it up with side dishes that will knock your Christmas sweater off.

2.Vegetarian option –

Spinach and feta cheese pot pie served with a roasted asparagus salad

Although the tastes to this pie are complex, the process of making it are super easy! If one of your guests happens to be a vegetarian, a single serving pot pie is the ideal way to go!

3.Vegan option –

Wild Rice Pilaf

Rock your vegan friends’ world with some wild rice. Get creative with the ingredients you opt for. You can never go wrong with this dish.


1.Vegetarian-friendly option –


Forget layers of makeup this Christmas, you don’t need that when you’ve got a yummy trifle on your plate. Dig into the layers of sponge, cream and fruit, don’t worry; no one’s watching.

2.Vegan option –

Pumpkin cinnamon roll

Who said cinnamon rolls can’t be vegan? Pumpkin cinnamon rolls will be a god send for all your vegan friends – make sure to be the one to introduce them to it!


We hope we gave you some inspiration. If you’re still on the fence about your menu check out these 14 festive dishes! Let us know what you’ve got in store for your guests in the comment section.

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