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Show the Love with Unique Mother's day Gifts & Activities

by Teresa Borg

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This year's Mother's Day will be a unique one to remember. No hotel buffets, spa weekend getaways, family gatherings, or brunches at favourite restaurants this year. With social distancing measures probably still intact in May, celebrations need to change shape and dads and kids must re-think plans. Mums have been busier than ever during this period and they definitely deserve some special attention on Sunday May 10th (while remaining socially responsible at all times).

Finding that special gift is vital, so we've come up with a list of thoughtful gifts which will surely bring a smile to your mum's face. But first- you need to do some brainstorming!

What do you need to consider when shopping for Mother's day gifts?

All mums have different tastes and needs. Buying an expensive tech gift for a mum who prefers a sentimental decorative gift is not ideal; giving a box of assorted sweets to a mum on a diet is not the best support you can give. So what do you need to consider?

  • Does she prefer a practical gift or a decorative item?
  • A classic gift or an unusual retro one?
  • Has she mentioned anything she needs these past few weeks?
  • What would make her life easier during lockdown?
  • Has she broken something lately?
  • Would she prefer a kitchenware item rather than beauty stuff?
  • Will fitness accessories please her more than relaxing devices?
  • Would she appreciate a kind gesture rather than a physical gift?
  • Does she need a device upgrade?

Here are some Mother's Day gift ideas to consider:

1. Gift basket

You know all your mother's favourite sweets, wines, spirits and magazines. So grab a bunch of all her favourite items and prepare a gift basket to make her eyes truly light up.

2. Hand-drawn family portrait or caricature

A twist to the traditional photo frame which your mum will surely love at first sight.

3. Personalised jewellery

An initial pendant or a birthstone necklace would add a personal touch to your gift.

4. Yoga and pilates mat

Has your mum been feeling more stressed out than usual? A yoga mat would encourage her to start reserving some time for exercise and meditation during the day.

5. Personalised cushions

A photo of your furry friend, names of children and grandchildren, family photos… you can get anything printed these days.

6. Annual magazine subscription

Does she like reading about a specific activity in her free time? Surprise her with a recipe/ knitting/ home interior subscription and she'll have all her free time sorted.

7. Juicer/ Smoothie Maker/ Kitchen Mixer/ Slow Cooker/ Espresso machine

If your mum spends most of her time in the kitchen, why not make things easier for her? What type of kitchenware and appliances is the kitchen lacking? Has she started baking? A professional kitchen mixer would do the trick. Is she still going out to work? A slow cooker would help her out. Is she always craving good coffee? An espresso machine is what she needs. Are all the pots and pans still as good as new? If not, an upgrade would be nice.

8. Essential oil diffuser 

Who doesn't love a fresh scent at home? Your mum surely does! Moreover, the natural fragrance an essential oil diffuser emanates will also transform her home into a re-energising space. She'll be forever grateful you'd introduced aromatherapy into her home.

9. Smart watch

Is your mum always on the go? A smart watch can help her answer all calls and answer messages instantly.

10. Fresh flower bouquet/ Potted plants

The classic gift which doesn't get old. Whether she prefers flowers or plants, you can never go wrong with giving fresh flowers for Mother's Day.

11. Bed slippers

Doesn't she deserve to feel comfortable at home? A comfy pair of bed slippers will make her not want to leave home anytime soon.

12. eBook reader

Running out of shelf space? If your mother is an avid reader, an ebook reader is a crucial must-have.

13. Bath tray caddy

If your mum loves taking baths, this will make her downtime much more interesting. A bath caddy will enable her to read a book, watch videos on her tablet, sip on a glass of wine and do so much more while relaxing.

14. Pamper hamper

With hairdressers, nail and beauty salons closed, your mum may not be feeling her best. A hamper with an assortment of face masks, lotions, creams and makeup will brighten up her days.

15. Workout equipment

If your mother is keen on keeping fit, there's a wide range of workout equipment you can give her as a gift. She'll be exercising while watching TV in no time.

16. Neck/ Back/ Feet Massager

Old age reaches us all and with no spas to go to, a massager is a good replacement to have. Your mum will spring back to action in no time and will feel so much better.

17. What I love about my mum book

Come up with all the positive characteristics which distinguish your mum and write them down in a book. She'll always refer back to it whenever she's going through a rough patch.

18. Noise-cancelling headphones

Is your mum working from home? If there are kids running around, these headphones will help her stay focused on the task at hand, making it possible to get some work done.

19. Robot vacuum cleaner

This is the best cleaning assistant your mother can have. It has so much time-saving potential and will free up more time for your mum to unwind.

20. Jigsaw Puzzle

A gift loved by all ages, you can never go wrong with a lovely puzzle. Just try to keep your hands to yourself; it will be your mum's undertaking, and hers alone.

21. Streaming subscription

This will make your mum's life locked inside so much more entertaining. Think on the lines of Netflix and Spotify and she'll be forever grateful.

22. Digital picture frame

Gone are the ages of the traditional photo frames! Grab all the family photos you could possibly get your hands on and upload them to the digital photo frame.

What can you do for Mother's Day if you're living under the same roof?

  • Cook a bounteous mealBreakfast, lunch and dinner… they're on you this year! So figure out your mum's favourite meals and get practising today! On the other hand, if your cooking abilities are disastrous, best order her favourite takeout online.
  • Bake a cake

Your mum will love a home-made dessert! Whether it's a cake, cupcakes or brownies, she'll surely love your sweet gesture.

  • Play games together

What your mum loves is seeing all the family having fun together. Grab her favourite puzzles and games and get playing.

  • Immerse yourself into nature

If she loves going out for walks, find a hidden gem in the Maltese Islands and go exploring together.

  • Stop her from doing any cleaning

If you've just finished eating lunch and she starts making her way to the kitchen sink, stop her! The cleaning is on you as well. You can handle it!

How can you celebrate Mother's day from afar?

If you're not celebrating in person due to social distancing measures, there are still thoughtful actions you can carry out on this special day:

  • Surprise her with a video call
  • Send her a personalised Mother's day card by post
  • Have a unique gift delivered to her doorstep (choose from the list above)
  • Order a mouthwatering cake and have it delivered
  • Eat together virtually via a video call
  • Play online games together
  • Stream a virtual experience together

Mother's Day can still be celebrated one way or another and Covid-19 shouldn't dampen this day dedicated to our superheroes. Many local shops are still open for online orders and deliveries, but do get your orders sorted as soon as possible to ensure on-time delivery. And remember: keep showing your love and appreciation throughout the year with small gifts and kind gestures.


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