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How to Choose the Right Skip

by Green Skip Services

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Without knowing you will face an excessive amount of waste and you will want to get rid of it in one bulk. In such cases, skip is the answer to your problem. Renting a skip might seem like an easy job to do, however, there is some information you need to have before. Check what to pay attention to and learn more about your options before making a call.

Type of waste

The first thing you need to establish is the type of waste you want to dispose. As you might encounter certain limitations, this will help you estimate which size of skip will fit your needs. Calculate what needs to be collected and which waste needs to be managed in another way. For example, furniture, soil, domestic waste, bricks, wood or metal can be disposed in a skip. However, any electrical waste such as computers, fridges, televisions or microwaves cannot. This includes medical waste, explosives, fuel or fluorescent bulbs as well. This kind of waste has to be segregated separately because of the safety regulations.

Size of skip

After you estimate how much waste you have to dispose, you can choose the size of the skip. You don’t want to choose something too small and end up with extra garbage. On the other hand, you also want to avoid overpaying for that extra space you won't need. You can ask for an opinion from a rental company as they should be able to give you a rough estimation. More or less, you can choose between skips which can accommodate 25 up to more than 200 standard garbage bags. There are also bigger skips available, in which you can dispose over 400 bags. Usually, companies have vast experience so they might be able to find the right size after you describe your situation.

Type of skip

Another point to consider is to choose the type of skip. You can have open, closed or side door skips. Open skips are the most popular solution for construction sites, where there are constant work and disposal of various waste. Closed skip prevents unauthorised people to use your skip as their garbage bin. It’s a good solution for long-term rentals where the skip is not supervised. It also prevents animals to get into it, in case you’re disposing of food as well.


Before you rent a skip, make sure you actually can place it where you planned. It applies mostly to skips placed in a public site. To acquire such services you will need a permission. To learn more, ask your provider, local council or Transport Malta if a skip will block part of the road.


Regardless of the reason why you need a skip, always keep in mind not to hurt the environment. As much as it’s in your power, try to recycle and segregate the waste you're disposing of. An environmentally friendly company should be able to provide you with additional services, such as different recycling bins which can be used additional to a skip. Discuss all possibilities in order to find the best solution for yourself and the environment.


Depending on the situation, it may occur that you need an emergency service at unexpected time. If so, you look for a company which can assist you 24h a day, 7 days per week. When discussing the details, ask about the possibility of the same day delivery, as not every company provides such service. Clarify all terms and conditions before the final agreement. For example, what is the additional cost if you exceed the agreed time of rental, or if by accident you dispose of something you were not supposed to. It’s better to discuss all possible scenarios before, to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

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