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Deck the Halls: Festive Decor Ideas for Your Home

by Mr Yellow

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Ah 'tis finally the season for festive decorations!

It must be said that there is something magical that happens once the Christmas decorations are up at home - the space is somehow transformed, there is an instantly cosier feel, and the excitement of the season can be felt in the air.

The sky is truly the limit when it comes to decorating your home for the festive season and coming up with new ideas is, admittedly, a lot of fun. That's why we're rounding up our favourite Christmas decoration ideas that are guaranteed to make your house feel merry and bright throughout December, whatever your style aesthetic. We're also including a few handy decorating tips to make sure that your Christmas set-up is truly sensational.

Decorating Like a Pro

A few little tweaks is all it takes to make your Christmas decor look amazing. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Stick to three colours since incorporating more than this would make your space look too chaotic 
  • Adding different textures and elements will create visual interest
  • Big baubles are better suited for the lower part of your Christmas tree while more delicate pieces will look better closer to the top
  • Fairy lights make everything look prettier
  • Vanilla-scented candles will instantly create a cosy, festive feel
  • A festive centrepiece on your dining table will make a wonderful addition to your Christmas set-up
  • Don't forget to switch off lights and candles before going to sleep or leaving the house

Christmas Decorations for Every Style

Pretty in Pastel

The Vibe: Modern Classic Interiors + Pastel Prettiness 

Pastel Christmas baubles are probably not everyone's cup of tea, but we must say that just looking at all this prettiness instantly puts us in a good mood. This trend has been slowly gaining traction over the last few years but we're noticing that it is becoming increasingly popular.

If your interior style is all about light walls and classic pieces in contemporary colours, then pastel decorations are the way to go. Think delicate pink, light hued blue and pearlescent white to adorn your Christmas tree or go all out and get a candy floss coloured one!

Traditional Tartan

The Vibe: Traditional Interiors + Sumptuous Red

Would it be Christmas without a traditional red and gold colour scheme?

If you're that person that's pining for all things Christmas throughout the year, then this is the option for you. Sparkly gold ornaments that catch the light and rich red will instantly make any living room festive, especially if your aesthetic is already veering towards the traditional. 

Sleek & Chic

The Vibe: Minimalist Interiors + Pared Down Decorations

Do you like your surroundings to be sleek and minimalist? It doesn't mean that you have to give up on the idea of joining the Christmas spirit; it just means that you'll need to tweak it to fit with the rest of your interiors. We suggest sticking to a cooler scheme that includes silver, icy blue and white while sticking to a smaller number of decorations. 

Scandi Cool

The Vibe: Nordic-Inspired Interiors + Cosy Accents

A simple aesthetic inspired by the Scandinavian design philosophy has dominated interiors trends for a while now. So, if you naturally gravitate towards a nordic look that's brimming with stylish functionality and naturally beautiful pieces, then we suggest adoring your Christmas tree with wooden ornaments and a few twinkly lights. Throw a few chunky blankets on your sofa and perhaps a few white stars around the room for added visual interest.

Retro Festive

The Vibe: Vintage-Inspired Interiors +  A Touch of Kitsch 

We couldn't conclude our round-up of decor inspiration without including some ideas for vintage fans. Interiors inspired by the 1950s and 1960s have a timeless appeal and are perfect for fun-loving individuals who enjoy a bit of whimsy. This retro festive look is full of nostalgic touches, colour and vintage-inspired decorations that would look the part in any mid-century home.

Christmas decor is all about conveying that feeling of homeliness and togetherness with your nearest and dearest. So, whichever way you decide to go with your decorations, keep in mind that the festive season is all about making memories!

Ready to start decorating? Check out these Christmas decoration shops for some great additions to your festive decor!

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