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Sure signs you may need glasses

by Yellow 797 Days

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Many people suffer from or develop vision problems but not everyone gets their eyes tested as often as they should. An eye test is an important part of keeping your eyes healthy. Catch any condition early enough and you can stop it getting worse. Ignore it and who knows what could happen?
There are some obvious signs you need glasses and some not so obvious. Our primary advice would be to book an eye test if one of the following signs consistently appears. Happening once or twice and then disappearing is not a cause for concern. If you experience any of the following consistently, it's time for that eye exam.

Eye-related signs you might need glasses

  • Blurred vision
  • Poor vision at distance or up close
  • Difficulty seeing at night
  • Slower reaction to changes in light or dark
  • Difficulty reading or using a computer
  • Double vision
  • Seeing a halo around light sources
  • Straight lines appearing curved or wavy

Some eye issues are caused by aging, some by infections or medical conditions and some are genetic. Whatever the cause, the symptoms are the same.
They include:
The only way to have your eyesight tested properly is to visit an optician. If you are experiencing any of those symptoms regularly, it might be time to book that eye test. There are other wider medical signs that are an indication that you might need glasses, that will not be related to vision and how you see.

Unexplained headaches

If you start experiencing frequent unexplained headaches, it could be an indication that you are straining your eyes. Do you get a headache after using a computer screen for a while? After reading or watching TV? If so, you really should get your eyes tested.

Tired eyes

We all get tired at times and we 
call feel under the weather occasionally. But, if you feel that your eyes are constantly tired, red or you're having difficulty focusing your eyes, it could be something that needs investigating by an optician.

Painful or red eyes

Healthy eyes should be clear, white and shiny. You may have a few blood vessels visible but that should be it. If your eyes hurt, ache or appear red you may have a condition that needs investigation.
An eye test doesn't take long, is not expensive and isn't painful. There should be no reason to not book one if you think you might need glasses. Sight is too precious to risk with inaction!

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