How to preserve your summer body

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Summer has reached its end, your appetite seems to be on the increase – and so does the number on the scale. But fear not, we have figured out 10 techniques you can incorporate to your daily routine in order to spice up your life and preserve the summer body you have so rightfully earned.

5k it

Sign up for every marathon that pops up on your Facebook wall – well, maybe, not each one but most of them. Keep yourself busy. Knowing you’ll be running with a group of people will motivate you to train regularly so you don’t fall behind.


Apps are saviours

Download a workout app on your phone in order to make your workouts accessible and free, anywhere you go. These compact saviours usually come with reminders which will make sure you never fall off the wagon.

Team player

Join a sports club or a gym class in a nearby location. It’s always better to work out with friends. Also, most gym classes require you to pay a fee in advance so you’ll be bound never to miss a session.


Now that you’re not as busy anymore, running to the beach and hanging out with friends as often, it’s time to lay low of the carbs. That is if you lead a sedentary life. If your job requires physical activity, on the other hand, skip this step.

Keep on schedule

Keep your meals and snacks 3 hours apart. Make sure to plan out your meals the night before and to carry them with you to work or school. Just because you’re back to your desk, doesn’t mean you should forget to eat or pig out on food.


We cannot emphasise this step enough. Although, in summer, you’re more bound to keep hydrated due to the heat, that doesn’t mean that your intake of water should decrease over the cooler seasons. A thirsty body is a grumpy one.

Keep an eye on the scale

The biggest mistake people do is to underestimate the winter weight gain. Most people get lazy over summer, ignore the scale, and before they know it; they’ve gained up to 20 pounds. Weigh yourself in, weekly, first thing in the morning to keep you motivated and alert. As soon as that number goes up, you know something is wrong.

Keep your summer clothes

Don’t go out and buy loose, wool clothes just yet, keep your summer wardrobe close for just a little longer. If the clothes you used to wear back in Summer, feel tight; you know it’s time to work off a sweat or two.

Careful of MSGs

As the weather gets cooler, you will resource to warm soups and beverages. Careful of the packed MSGs and the additives, though. Stay away from canned soup and restrict the sugar and cream.

Restrict the feasting from the food

We’re all for celebrating feasts but they’re no excuse for going all out on the food. Cut back the portions and stay away from the dessert. Stick to a colourful and controlled plate instead.

We hope this post equipped you well for the coming months and we wish you all the best on your path to a healthier you! Let us know how you keep fit during the colder months in the comment section.

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