Morning routine – 8 ways to start your morning

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It’s estimated that an adult wakes up around 25,000 times in his lifetime. You will face 25,000 days, so your morning routine will affect the outcome of each of  those days. Forget lying around in bed or wearing out that snooze button, it’s time to get moving and make things happen. Here are some useful tips to get you more active and productive in the early hours of the day;

1. The early bird catches the worm

Begin your day the night before. Yes, you read that right. Spend a few extra minutes each night choosing your outfit for the next day, as well as packing your briefcase and your food for the day. This will avoid any extra rush in the morning and will be one less decision you’ll have to make throughout your busy day. This can take up to 20 minutes but you’ll be saving up to 2 hours the next day – SCORE! Make a quick to-do list before you sleep, set clear goals that you can act up on as soon as possible the next day. Run the day, don’t let it run you!

2. The snooze button is not your friend

Set your alarm each morning to the actual time you need to get up instead of disturbing your REM cycle. Each time your snooze button shrieks, it interrupts your natural rhythm. It’s tough but will benefit your body in the long haul.

It might also be a good idea to place your alarm at the other side of your room so that you’ll be forced to get out of bed and physically switch off the alarm.

3. Sweat it out

Working out before your long day at work might seem like something others manage to do but simply won’t work for you. The trick here is to have a routine down and to nourish your body properly. To get more out of your day, you need to get moving. Endorphins will rush through your body leaving you more motivated and positive for your day ahead.

4. EGGxactly what you need

Ditch that sugar-packed cereal for a protein based breakfast that will fuel your body for much longer. Your body will work harder to digest it and leave you feeling less sleepy with the right amount of energy you need to get the ball rolling every morning.

5. Time management is the answer

Attack your morning routine by doing the hard work first. Answer emails, phone calls and leave the meetings for later on in the day when your energy levels will be lower. Make the most of your morning buzz!

6. Aeroplane mode: ON

Dodge the urge to check Facebook, Twitter or your latest Instagram upload and place your phone in another room or on aeroplane mode. By employing this strategy, you will avoid slipping into procrastination and instead turn all of your attention and focus on the task at hand. Your morning routine is all about getting the most important tasks ticked off your to-do list.

7. Stretch

Although this might seem axiomatic, most skip this step and just roll out of bed. You can stretch in bed (no excuses) and hold each stretch for 15 seconds. Remember your body has just been on shut down for several hours so it’s important you give it time to warm up and start your morning routine with what feels like the best way possible.

8. Game- day routine

Any successful athlete has a routine which they have full confidence in, one that guarantees them a positive outcome each time, so why not adopt this approach too? Your morning sequence is a habit that sets up the outlook of the rest of your day, so it’s crucial that you find what works best for you.

Habit is what we do day in day out, so your morning routine will become your second nature. Your repeated choices will lead you to be more motivated and productive each week, in all aspects of your life.

You have 25,000 mornings ahead of you, it’s up to you how you spend them!

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