It’s not too late to get that summer body

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There are hundreds of websites that tell you how to get your body ready for summer but very few that help you keep it during the hot weather. What good is earning a six-pack and getting into shape if you let it all go when the weather is good?

It’s not too late to get that summer body and here are some activities that can help.

Exercising during hotter months brings with it its own challenges. Blood flow is diverted to the skin instead of muscles to help keep you cool. Water is also used to evaporate heat as sweat instead of keeping you hydrated. That means managing body temperature and water intake are key. Bear this in mind whenever you exercise in the heat!

Slippery when wet

Swimming is one of the best exercises to do bar none. It uses all your muscles, the water helps support your weight and the water helps keep you cool. If you want to get or keep fit this summer, swimming will do it. Whether you swim at home, at the pool or in the sea, remember to stay safe and use waterproof sunblock.

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Two wheels good, four wheels bad

Leaving the car at home and cycling wherever you need to go is another great exercise to help get that summer body. It is another supported exercise, meaning anybody can do it. Cycle fast enough so that the breeze keeps you cool and go far enough to develop both aerobic and anaerobic strength. Just remember to stay hydrated.

Take a hike!

Both Malta and Gozo have lots of places to explore on foot. Hiking means keeping a steady pace over many miles and is a great way to get fit and work those legs. As long as you wear the right gear, take plenty of water and use a good sunblock, you can hike any time of year.

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No work, no rest, plenty of play

If you have children, playing with them can help burn more calories than you might imagine. Chasing them around the garden, walking along the beach, swimming in the sea, playing football or whatever. You spend quality time with your family while burning fat and toning muscle at the same time.

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Going up the wall

Indoor activities such as dancing, going to the gym or playing activity games can all help maintain that summer body. There are lots of options for indoor activities that can give you something to do and keep you out of the midday sun too.

Those are just five ways you can develop or maintain your summer body. They can combine with quality time with the family or de-stress you from work too. Everyone’s a winner!

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