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5 hacks to get rid of a cold faster

by Yellow 904 Days

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Colds can be a real nightmare sometimes, as they are easy to catch and can take a few days to get rid of. With the constant change of temperature, because of the cold weather and the very warm homes, shops and offices, it is no surprise that getting sick at this time of the year is common.
Here are 5 easy hacks to help you speed up your recovery, and that can also help you avoid getting sick.

Rest, Rest, Rest

Your body needs a lot of energy to fight off the virus, so it is your duty to get plenty of rest and avoid anything which may make you feel weaker. Make yourself comfortable in bed or on the sofa with pillows and warm blankets; watch some television or read a book - what is important is that you remain stationary and avoid moving as much as possible.

Drink, and then drink some more

There is no such thing as ‘too much water', especially when trying to get rid of a cold. Because of a runny nose, sweating and coughing you are getting rid of a lot of fluids which you need. Water will also help flush out the virus from your body, so always keep a bottle of water next to you to keep hydrated.

Tea, honey and lemon: the miracle trio

Warm fluids will help relieve the symptoms of a cold faster. Mixing honey and lemon to a warm cup of tea (or a simple cup of warm water) will speed up the recovery process. Honey is a natural energy booster, and also has antibacterial agents that will help improve the immune system. Lemon has a high concentration of Vitamin C, which helps the body fight against viruses. Mixing these two ingredients with warm water, or tea for some 
flavour, will help to clear nasal and throat congestion.

Steam up

Steam will work as a moisturizer for your nasal 
passage, and will help you feel more relaxed and allow your body to fight off the virus. You can either take a hot bath or shower, what's important is that you get a lot of steam. The best thing to do would be to take one in the morning, and one right before going to bed.

Gargle water with salt

This is an old hack that any grandparent would easily know. Gargling water, preferably warm, mixed with salt will reduce the irritation in the throat and the coughing. One tablespoon of salt per glass of water is enough, and for faster and more efficient relief it is best to gargle once every hour.

Remember that wearing layers is one of the best ways to avoid getting sick, to keep warm when outside but not too hot when inside.

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