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6 Hardy Plants That Can Survive Winter In Malta

by Chiara Micallef

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Having a thriving garden throughout the colder months is not always an easy feat. Whether you are growing plants in your balcony or yard, winter can be quite a challenging period even for the most seasoned gardener.

If you're on the lookout for plants that can survive these cold and dark months, this list was made just for you. Here are six hardy beauties that can survive Maltese winters.

1. Hosta

Being the absolute shade-lovers that they are, hostas are a favourite for most gardeners. Their lush foliage and low maintenance needs make them the ideal addition to any green space. Hostas come in a variety of colours, from deep shades of green to soft whites.

2. Geranium

While they do not flower in winter, geraniums are hardy plants that survive year-round in Malta. They need ample light to grow, however, this perennial plant can survive the Maltese winter without any issues. It is best to move potted geranium indoors when windy. 

3. Aeonium

These glossy succulents thrive in warm weather, however, they do not die out during the cold winter months – making them a great addition to your garden. What makes aeoniums ideal for Maltese winters is the fact that they can store water during the cold season to be used during the hot and dry summer months. 

4. Persian Cyclamen

A lover of indirect sunlight, this plant is dormant during summer and has an active growth period in winter. It's a good plant choice for Mediterranean winters when given proper care – it is best to move cyclamens indoors during heavy rains to keep their soil from getting soggy.

5. Pansies

This lovely bushy plant is known to grow annually. If you are on the lookout for large, striking, bedding plants, pansies are an excellent choice. Some variations are known to bloom in winter, offering a pleasant splash of colour to your outdoor area. 

6. Winter Violas

Winter violas might look dainty and delicate, but they're known to survive cold harsh weather with ease. Most of their leaves dry out in summer, but the flowers will start blooming gently during the chilly winter months. These tough plants are a popular choice as they produce large, vibrant two-toned flowers throughout the season.

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