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6 Creative Strawberry Recipes

by Yellow 477 Days

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The picturesque agricultural village of Imġarr will be hosting Festa Frawli this weekend. Since strawberries are in season this time of the year, why not try something different? After all, research suggests consuming a cup of strawberries a day can improve heart health, lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of some cancers. Here are six, unusual strawberry recipes to tantalise your taste buds.  

Strawberry Honey Ricotta Toast

Start off your day with a deliciously magical moment. All you need to do is toast your choice of bread, spread ricotta generously and top it all up with thinly sliced strawberries and a drizzle of honey.

Spring Strawberry Salad

Spring or summer fruits in salads are truly underappreciated. Adding strawberries to a classic green mix, along with a touch of feta cheese for a light lunch, can definitely brighten up your day and keep your health in check.

Chicken and Strawberry Sandwich or Wrap

How about including strawberries in your next bread-filling mix? Chicken flavoured with balsamic vinegar, combined with spinach, avocado, fresh mozzarella and - of course - strawberries, all in one sandwich, bun or wrap. Imagine that!

Smokey Strawberry BBQ Sauce

For a very different kind of BBQ accompaniment, mix together in a pot brown sugar, garlic, salt, red chili flakes and Worcestershire sauce, placing the pan on medium heat until the sugar is dissolved. Stir in ketchup and strawberry puree, turning the heat to medium-high and stirring occasionally. Add three drops of hickory liquid smoke once the mixture starts to boil and stir well, lowering the heat to simmer and covering the pot with a lid. Let the mixture simmer for 20 minutes, or until a thick consistency is formed. And voilà - a sweeter taste to your favourite grilled meat!

Strawberry Green Tea

If you're up for something fancier and more impressive, this tea is extremely easy to make. Just add sugar to a strawberry puree and boil it. After setting it aside to cool, bring around 5 cups of cold water to a boil, pour the hot water over 5 green tea bags and let it brew for a few minutes. Mix the strawberry mixture with the green tea and serve the result chilled on ice or as in a fulfilling warm mug.

Strawberry Ice Pops

Finally, comes the strawberry dessert ideal for the weather that is gradually getting warmer. Pretty much anything can be moulded into popsicles, including strawberry puree, and topped with other fruits like banana or coconut.  It only takes 3 to 4 hours for the puree to freeze fully and turn into ice-cold fruity scrumptiousness.  

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