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Buy Local IV: 12 Seasonal Fruit & Vegetables You Can Find In Malta This Season

by Chiara Micallef

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Seasonal Fruit & Vegetables

Buying local is the way to go if you are looking to get your hands on a range of delicious fruits and vegetables. While a lot of different vegetables and fruits grow in Malta all year round, such as mushrooms and onions, in this list we will be only including locally-grown produce available from September to December. Here are 12 seasonal fruits and vegetables you can get your hands on this season. 

1. Jerusalem Artichokes 

jerusalem artichoke articokk

This famous root vegetable can easily become the star of any dish. It's nutty, sweet and can easily replace potatoes in several dishes. 

2. Brussel Sprouts 

brussel sprouts

These mini cabbage-like buds can be roasted, sauteed and baked. They can also be enjoyed raw. 

3. Capers 

kappar capers

We are still in time to harvest these delicious treats, as their season officially ends in October. So if you're planning on pickling your own, best start preparing for your trip. 

4. Leeks 

leeks kurrat

Another all-time favourite, the leek can be added to soups, stews, casseroles and even pasta dishes. They have a mildly sweet and oniony flavour that adds depth to many dishes. 

5. Chayote 

centinarja cheyote

'Tis the season for soups and casseroles – and these crunchy stars are here to remind us of that. The centinarja, as it's called in Maltese, makes a lovely addition to several soup-based dishes. 

6. Endives 

endives indivja

Salad lovers rejoice – the endive is back in its full glory. These mildly bitter treats contain high levels of moisture and can be enjoyed both raw or as a side dish. 

7. Globe artichokes 

qaqocc artichokes

Great for anyone looking to add extra fibre to their diets, the globe artichokes are impossible to resist. These firm, bitter and mildly nutty treats can be cooked or preserved in oil. 

8. Broccoli 

broccoli brokkli

These tasty miniature trees are packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, presenting eaters with many health benefits. 

9. Fennel 

fennel buzbiez

Our favourite is back. The fennel provides a delectable fresh liquorice-like flavour and can be eaten raw for an added punch.


10. Grapefruits 

tronga grapefruit

While available all year round, local varieties are a common find between October and February. Loaded with nutrients, these citrusy beauties can boost your body's immune system in a jiffy. 

11. Mandarins 

mandolin mandarins

A popular snack from the citrus family, these juicy sweet treats are a favourite among many. 

12. Pomegranates 

pommegrenates rummien

This Mediterranean fruit is a sweet but sour delight. It's packed with antioxidants, fibre, potassium and vitamin C – a great combination for anyone looking for an added kick and improved digestion.

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