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6 Maltese pizza toppings you should definitely try

by Yellow

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Pizza Capricciosa

Everyone loves a slice of (if not a whole) pizza. And what better than a homemade pizza, made  with your favourite ingredients? 

If you've run out of ideas for pizza toppings, try out these 6 traditionally Maltese ingredients. Your taste buds will tell you 'grazzi' (thank you)! 




If you've never tried fresh Maltese cheeselets on a pizza, you've been missing out, big time! Whether they're peppered or not, gbejniet will give your pizza a unique taste that is purely local. 


They are also very versatile — they can act as a delicious cheese base for your pizza, no matter what other ingredients you decide to add. Or, you could simply sprinkle some on your already-cooked pizza.


Sun dried tomatoes

Regular tomatoes are a great pizza topping. But why not take it a step further and up the mediterranean flavour? Sun dried tomatoes on pizza go particularly well with fish-based ingredients like tuna and anchovies, and taste amazing with locally-produced pesto sauce.  




Maltese sausage



This goes without saying, but a purely Maltese pizza is truly complete when Maltese sausage is added to the mix! 


You might, however, want to limit the other ingredients — Maltese sausage has a very rich taste and is quite filling on its own, let alone on a pizza. 


Thin potato slices


Who doesn't love oven-baked potato slices? They've always been part of our diet as Maltese food lovers, and they go with pretty much everything. Spreading some on a pizza screams appetising and comforting! 



Broad beans (or 'ful')



Hear us out — 'ful' on a pizza will not work every time. But when it works, it works amazingly! Try combining them with other healthy ingredients like olives, asparagus, courgettes and ricotta. The end result will be the ultimate Maltese vegetarian!





Bigilla consists of smashed dark beans, producing a paste that is indescribably mouth-watering. Imagine using bigilla as a sauce for your pizza base! And because it tastes so good on its own, you won't need to add many other toppings for this pizza to be divinely yummy. 



…all together now!


There are many pizza recipes out there that incorporate these Maltese ingredients. But if none of them tickle your fancy, you can always create your very own! 


Try combining Maltese sausage with gbejniet, or go for a healthier option with sun dried tomatoes, broad beans and bigilla. Don't be afraid to experiment — as long as you make it local! 



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