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Top fashion trends to watch out for

by Caroline Paris

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We can hear the birds fluttering which means that spring is finally upon us. Before we know it we'll have zoomed it by and found ourselves bang in the middle of the scorching Maltese summer. So it's best to start preparing both our bodies and our wardrobes. Here we dive deep into all the new trends coming our way, empowering us to make the correct decision during any of our upcoming shopping trips.

The 80s

The first trend on the list is the 80s. The resurgence of the 80s started in 2018 and it's been adopted quite widely, both on the high street and at designer level. It shows no signs of abating and summer is bound to generate even more opportunities for all the high waists and big hairstyles to come out to play.

Power Shoulders

Power Shoulders are the first 80s trend we are examining and let's face it, it's almost the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about that decade and the associated fashion looks. The trend this time around is not as highly exaggerated. All you'll see is just a bit of padding added to the shoulder on jackets and dresses which are often paired with a deep cleavage. If you're already quite broad shouldered, this trend might not be the most ideal as it will amplify this trait. On the other hand, if you're quite narrow shouldered, this can actually really look good on you since it will balance you out perfectly. It also works best for those that are not as large chested, so if you' re looking to increase perceived volume in the area, this trend is a winner.

High Waisted Anything

The high waist isn't going anywhere. Actually, I will go as far as to say that anything below a mid-length waist should either be chucked or tucked away for a possible unclear future. Wear a high waist pair of jeans or denim shorts with cropped sweaters for a proper 80s vibe or with a white tucked-in shirt for a cleaner, smarter look.

Curly Hair

If you're a naturally curly haired girl, then you're in luck! Ringlets are back and the curlier and more voluminous the better. Wear them with a side parting, long or short and a bright pop of colour on your lips.


You may have noticed that a lot of people are cutting a fringe suddenly. Fringes, otherwise known as bangs, are a big thing in 2019 and the fuller the better. I've seen a fringe look fabulous with long hair, with a short bob and even with curly hair. A full fringe can look great on many people but especially those with oval faces and longer foreheads.

Western Inspired

When we hear the word western, North American cowboys and Indians, ranches and horses immediately come to mind. This trend can't be more different than the playful 80s described above, yet both are equally in the current moment.


Fringe details never truly go away and there's something about it that screams fun and in some ways glamour. Think of a fringed leather jacket or skirt swishing away, a bag with fringes flowing by your side or even a pair of boots - it automatically gives the impression that you've made an effort. Just be careful how you store the item - they have a habit of getting entangled.

Cowboy Boots

Whilst in Malta we won't be able to carry this trend for too long this season, our short spring is ideal for looking great in cowboy boots, especially when paired with denim. I love cowboy boots worn with denim shorts, denim skirts or jeans, perhaps paired with a white lace top - a perfect contrasting combination of a soft feminine touch with the harder western flair.

Prairie Dresses

The long, innocent-looking prairie dress became popular once again last summer and it has retained its place within the fashion world ever since. I've seen look combinations of it worn with leather jackets, with fur coats and alone, while I've seen it worn with heels or trainers. It's a versatile item that can work both as a smart, party look or as a casual, street-style look with a bit of an edge. I feel that if you're quite petite, an ankle-length prairie dress might swamp you, so it's best to opt for a shorter version.


I remember wearing neon everything in the 90s. I thought I was such a cool teenager with my neon accessories and boob tubes. Neon green is the hottest of the lot and we have already seen Kylie Jenner wearing it a few times. Expect to see it this summer on swimsuits, tops, dresses and all other summer staples. It's not just green that is around, expect to see electric hues ranging from yellows to greens to pinks. A little trick is to wear this trend on the part of your body you're the happiest with. For example, if you love your legs wear a neon skirt or a neon pair of shorts. If you love your stomach, a neon crop top is a great bet. Neon shoes and particularly neon trainers are also a good idea.

Big accessories

Accessories are always a big thing in spring and summer since less clothing call for details that make a statement. To ensure that everything gets noticed, the mantra is the bigger the better. Think literally oversized.


Last summer was the summer of tassel earrings and whilst those haven't gone away, the current favourites are the vintage-inspired, gold creations and sparklier than sparkly chandleries. What both these styles have in common is that they are ultimate attention grabbers, designed to work with a variety of hairstyles, including simple, natural ones.

If your ears aren't pierced there is a great variety of clip-on options around. You can also opt to wear fun, colourful big earrings and no other jewellery. Doing so will give you a fresh and interesting look.

Hats and Bags

Raffia is a big summer staple, used for huge hats that protect you from the outside world and the sun above and for bags that come in all shapes and sizes. Bags made essentially of nothing but straw, adorned with perhaps a colourful scarf or bags in the shape of arks are ideal in summer.

Leopard print

Animal print was the biggest trend in winter. In fact, leopard and snakeskin prints were everywhere and in all likelihood, it will probably carry into next winter, so make sure you grab any sale bargains that may still be around. The pattern can be combined with practically anything and I am especially partial to a fun leopard-print dress. If this is too much for you to handle, you can always opt for an accessory like a headband or scarf or even a bag. Whatever your choice, wear it with pride.

Logo Mania

The logo mania continues. Those post-recession days when the fashion crowd favoured minimalism and flashing wealth was considered crass and distasteful have long been abandoned. Part of the resurgence of the 80s and 90s trends have led to a literal logomania. Certain brands like Fendi, the monogram logo pattern works so well with current trends, it can be worked into a hundred and one different styles. When it comes to this trend, there are no real do's and don'ts and some people will even wear it head to toe. What I don't particularly fancy is the combination of different monograms from different brands in one outfit.


It used to surprise me when two trends, in direct opposition from the other come in trend together in the same season. For instance, whereas we've seen neon colours, on the one hand, brighter than bright in all their glory, on the other, there's the neutral beige. Beige popped up on the catwalk in trench coats, dresses, suits and in different shapes and forms. The great thing to keep in mind is that this colour is generally quite flattering on the darker, Maltese skin tone and most especially if you have a tan. We might have to forgo the trench though.

Cycling Shorts

The last trend up for discussion is perhaps the most controversial one - the cycling shorts. When I first saw this, I swore to never, ever succumb, but I've just bought my first pair. I plan on wearing them with an oversized jacket and chunky heels or trainers. I haven't tried them on yet so I might not - time will tell. If you're blessed with gorgeous legs, which I'm not, you should definitely try this one out.

That's it folks and I hope you now feel armed with enough knowledge to plan your spring and summer wardrobe wisely. So go on, head down to the various boutiques and women's clothes shops for getting the latest trends.

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Caroline Paris
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Caroline is a fashion stylist and writer from Malta, she launched her fashion blog and lifestyle platform in 2011, always with fashion at the forefront of all her endeavours.

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