Summer activities for your children that don’t cost a fortune

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Nobody said children were so expensive! I’m not sure that would have changed anything, but I might have saved a little harder before having them. Everything costs money, at every stage of their lives. That’s especially true when trying to keep them entertained during the summer months while they are away from school. That’s why we put together this list of summer activities for your children that don’t cost a fortune. Because fun shouldn’t be expensive!

Bubbles fun

Honestly, even adults can find bubbles fun, so just imagine what it’s like for your children. The great thing about bubbles is that kids not only enjoy making them but also popping them, which will keep them entertained for quite a while. If you have the space to do so in a garden or terrace, that’s great; if not, don’t worry, the bathroom is excellent for this. Alternatively, you can always take them to a park or beach where they will certainly make some friends. 

Colourful faces

Face paints are relatively cheap or you could donate some of your old makeup. Spend an afternoon painting each other’s faces, add glitter, jewels or whatever. It’s cheap, fun and can keep them occupied for the longest time. Just make sure you have plenty of face wipes for afterward!

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Nothing keeps you cool like a good old fashioned water fight. Buy some water balloons, get the hose out, hide anything delicate and let them go wild. This is great to keep the kids entertained and cool in the sunshine and burn a few hours and a few hundred calories, and you get to join the fun too!


If you have space, why not set up a camp in the garden? Put up a tent or make a den and spend time in the wilderness like explorers of old. If you’re brave and your kids are old enough, stay out for the night. Make a fire, toast some marshmallows and spend the night in the garden. If that goes well, why not consider going camping somewhere around the island during the weekend? It’s an adventure!

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Mission Impossible

Got a big ball of red wool? Ever seen Mission Impossible? Remember the scene where Tom Cruise has to bend and flex through the red lasers without setting off the alarm? Recreate then in the house or garden with your red wool. Then watch your children contort themselves into all sorts of positions to get through it without touching. This is also a great game they can also play with their friends – hours of fun!

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