8 activities that will get you and your kids bonding

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If you’ve been finding it hard to plan activities for you and your children to do together after school, you should check out these 8 activities we’ve got in mind for you. The fun is guaranteed and the laughter will be unlimited.

1. Baking

Apart from being suitable for all ages, the end product of baking is also very pleasing for your taste buds. 2 birds, one stone, right? Pick an easy recipe that doesn’t take too long (who has the patience to wait an hour for a cake to condense?), assign your child with the easy roles while you do the cutting and have a food fight while you’re at it. The house won’t be at its cleanest at the end of the day but the memories created will be some to cherish.

2. Dress up

Let your child’s imagination go wild. Do they want to be a pirate today, or maybe their favorite superhero? Set the scene and provided all the necessary equipment. Have fun shooting away and creating permanent memories or dress up along with them and be their mighty, tall, side-kick. At the end of the day your child will look at you as a play buddy rather than the bad cop.

3. Secret fort

Build a magical secret fort for you and your child. Use all the blankets you find in your house, equip the base with pillows, snacks and fairy lights and you’re good to go. Spend some quality time together watching an animated movie or playing a board game. Keep your pagers and phone away during this time if possible, make your child the priority.

4. Science experiment

The learning phase must not only happen inside the classroom, but what the kids do after school is also very important. Make science fun for your kids and teach them something new they can share with their class the following morning. Build an erupting volcano together with some vinegar and baking soda or explore the flora movement through the exposure to different environments. Your kids will love it!

5. Painting

Unleash your creativity. Grab a canvas and have fun painting away the day. Dip your hands in paint, melt crayons or flail paint in all directions. The finished product will make for a good art to cherish!

6. Go on a hike

Teach your child the importance of physical activity, lead by example. Take your kid out for a walk in the countryside and show them how to appreciate and respect nature. This will do for a good moral lesson and will be something they’ll eventually pass on to their own children.

7. Scavenger hunt

Stimulate your children and bring out the Holmes in them. Treat your kids to a day of scavenger hunting and let them discover Sparrow’s lost treasure. Apart from having fun, your children will be learning at the same time.

8. Board games

The internet isn’t the only source of entertainment, make sure you instil that value in your children. Show them how fun a night of board games can be and encourage them to take some time off their technologies. This activity will make for a good family night in.

We hope these activities will bring you and your children closer together while guaranteeing you the happiest of times. Let us know what you like doing best with your children in the comment section below!

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