5 ways to keep your pets warm

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As we hail in the winter months, we begin to gradually swap our beach shorts for cardigans, scarfs and a thicker layer to keep us cosy. For those who are proud owners of a  four-legged friend, we have a few tips to ensure that they keep warm this winter season as you both snuggle up and catch up on your favourite series. Rest assured your furry friends will be snug as a bug.

Cold feet

Dogs lose the heat from their tongues but most importantly through the soles of their feet . For this reason, it’s important for dog owners to firstly check the temperature outside in case it might be too cold for their dog. Keep your pets indoors when it’s too cold outside, they won’t mind, they love warming up next to their favourite humans. Just put on a heater, shut the window and snuggle up. If your dog is old, has a thin coat or very light, then keeping them warm is crucial.

Tip: Feel the tip of your dog’s ears, if they are on the cooler side, it’s an indication to cover them with a blanket.


Just as you treasure your bed and the comfort it brings, so does your domestic buddy! Your cat’s or dog’s beddings should at least be 3 inches off the floor to avoid any draft. Also, throw a blanket to the mix so they can curl up with it at night. If your dog sleeps outside it’s wise to provide the right doghouse. The doghouse should have a sloped roof, insulation and perhaps a heater if the temperatures tend to drop drastically during the night.

Tip: Keep a hot water bottle under your dog’s bedding or under a blanket to keep them warm. It’s also an economical way to avoid using electricity, especially during the night.

Wooly warm

It’s 2016 and nothing is more important than investing in insanely adorable outfits for your pets. Keep your pet warm this winter by dressing them up in cosy outfits, whether they’re indoors or outdoors. There is a wide selection of outfits to choose from in pet stores, so fear not, there’s an option for just about any type of cat or dog!

Tip: Pick a sweater or coat for your dog that has a waterproof nylon covering, extra protection for your pooch!

Keep those energy levels up

Provide your pets with more food during the colder months. Dogs, in particular, burn more calories in winter as they tend to spend more time outside and use the energy consumed to keep themselves warm.

Tip: Prepare your pets the occasional hot dish on that extra cold day.

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Tender loving care

Nothing will keep your pet warm this winter like love, heaps of cuddles and wet kisses! Whether it’s stroking your cat or giving your dog that anticipated belly rub, there’s nothing like some tender loving care to warm your pet’s heart!

Tip: treat your pet with a special treat!

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